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I can understand certain mutual exclusions with enchants. For one, the different versions of Protection make sense. The one mutual exclusion that doesn”t make sense is Infinity and Mending. Mojang, please remove this enchant barrier. It would make it so much easier for us to make incredible bows.

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If mending and infinity were compatible, there would be no need to get more arrows. Just enchant the bow with Unbreaking III.

I agree with this idea, and here”s why:

With the new tridents, you can have Loyalty and Mending on the same object, which, if thought through, is very similar to Infinity and Mending. You have no limit to how many times you throw the Trident. Even with the new Crossbows, some were dissapointed it couldn”t get any of the Bows enchantments, including Infinity. However, it does have its own version: Piercing. Piercing allows the arrow to travel through several mobs (up to 4 with Piercing 4) and still hit the ground, able to be picked back up, essentially making for unlimited arrows, unless you happen to shoot in the direction of 5 lined-up creepers for no prticular reason or just have a mob farm.

Kollando Sparrks commented
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December 20, 2018 19:12 Report Comment

It is fine to buff or nervous things, just don”t do it so you don”t ruin the overall gameplay. If you want to bend the game to fit tournament rules there should be a gamemode called tournament where all the competition addicts can stop complaining when something isn”t removed from the game, just remove it from the gamemode

james hagan commented
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May 09, 2019 23:27 Report Comment

Add this pls. Or mabye make it a gamerule idk?

RABID FAIRY8312 commented
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June 04, 2019 20:07 Report Comment

Please add this back I have infinity on my bow and it costs so many levels to repair it and it is probably my main way of combat

jessie harvey commented
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June 10, 2019 03:18 Report Comment

this would make bows way too op. just make a skeleton spawner. i”ve found 3 in my world less than 500 blocks away from spawn and i literally could not use all the arrows it makes if i stood there shooting them as it makes them.

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HeroCreeper321 commented
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July 04, 2019 13:12 Report Comment

I agree! We cannot get to repair our bows when we got a lot of enchants to it including infinity. So if you guys say that there will be no point of gathering arrows once we get both of them, then in this case there will be no point of getting infinity if you can”t even repair them… so please add this back. Though this can be a great challenge to the game I accept that, but please let us fix our bows because at some point, Unbreaking III isn”t enough. Thankyou.

xhvpnot1k commented
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July 04, 2019 15:15 Report Comment

I feel this should be added as the max of 6 tinkers with an anvil are a thing so at one point you cant repair it anymore. I”d recommend to have an ender chest or shulker box full of arrows and have a mending bow rather than infinity and not mending.

X ZwifT Thunder commented
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July 14, 2019 18:19 Report Comment

Totally agree!

Sunsprint commented
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July 17, 2019 21:44 Report Comment

This was allowed until after fireworks were added as a method of elytra propulsion, as a replacement to infinity+mending bows being the previous method of infinite propulsion in 1.11.3 (?). I think the removal is silly mostly because both were viable and balanced options, where you would have to farm and get quite a bit of gunpowder in order to make an adequate supply of fireworks, which would ultimately be the best option late-stage when you have a lot of resources, whereas infinity+mending bows were mid-game stage and free, but also lacked the safety and flexibility that firework rockets provide, with you having to shoot yourself to propel yourself (thus forcing the player to pay very close attention to their healthbar), and the propulsion technique being very linear and not allowing for sharp and quick turns like firework rockets provide.

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With all of the other overpowered items that can be made with the amazing enchantment that is mending, I seriously cannot fathom why Mojang has a problem with infinity/mending bows. Please add them back! We loved them.

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