Mark Of Honor? How To Get Marks Of Honor In Wow Marks Of Honor Farming

Here you can make a purchase Marks of Honor for WoW character. New PvP currency that was added in Legion. Get transmogrification PvP Sets from old Seasons and different weapons using marks of honor currency. It is obtained via winning Battlegrouds, Arena and Skirmish.

ETA depends on choosen amount

Marks of Honor boost include:

100% done by hands via doing non rated battlegroups Some PvP gear for winning random BGVPN for account security

You can buy using Marks of Honor:

Old PvP gearHeirloom armor and weapons for your altsHeirloom upgrades


120 level with any gearbfa expansion purchased any gear level

We use VPN for account security. We don”t ask any secret questions, so your account is protected from theft.

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x10 Marks
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