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Silk Touch should be able to be upgraded from I to II. Silk Touch II will allow you pick up monster spawners, the dragon egg, and silverfish stone without spawning a silverfish. The silverfish stone will drop as itself and not the variant of stone it”s disguised as. You can only get it by combining 2 books/tools with Silk Touch I.

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Silk touch definitelyneeds a buff and this is the way to do it! Kudos for having a sane suggestion. 100% on bored. Not sure why silk touch can”t get mob spawners as is, could be seen as a bit overpowered but perhaps a nerf to the enchantment chance could even things out.

I feel like it could be a good idea but it needs to be a little harder to get. Silk touch is roughly easy to get in an enchantment table, so i feel like an exclusive treasure enchant for pickaxes may be a better idea.

I would love if they added silk touch II but Maybe to make it so silk touch II is balanced it would be a super rare enchantment book you could buy from a librarian/clerk villager or to give wondering traders more of a reason to go find and maybe add it to the loot chest spawn table for the End Island cities but make it still rare to find or same for fishing but it would be like .01% chance to catch it, maybe something like that but I don`t know. still it would be cool to have silk touch II in

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make it as an end game addition only found inside of chests inside the endI”ve also thought about how we can obtain certain mob heads what if a lighting rod(needs to be built 3 blocks on top) surrounds a caged in head with iron and when lightning hits it will turn it into a mob spawn that”s stationary. idk

Actually, you can already mine the dragon egg, provided you block all spaces it can teleport to. Picking up silver fish doesn”t seem neccessary, but why not, one more item to collect and probably cool to have something besides chicken eggs to store mobs in chests.

Picking up spawners is the big one, which people might disagree on, but spawners are never going to be a top tier farm, they are super rare, super manual and highly unreliable to “farm”. All of that said, it would be incredibly cool to have spawners to show off and use creatively. I never break spawners, but building around them is such a hassle and their density is just too low, to do anything cool with them by default. I saw some guys use single spawners for PvE arenas, but that”s not great.

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I would love to have this, even if you had to repair the spawner on the anvil and use a lot of xp and maybe some material. To me even netherite would be worth it, ghast tears or nether stars. Something from the nether would feel right for some reason.

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