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Mob heads are a fan-favorite item for many Minecraft players. These heads make great decorations, help players spawn the wither and can even be worn on the player's head.

Mob heads have been a Minecraft feature for a long time but were only recently made available in the vanilla survival world.

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Obtaining mob heads in Minecraft

Mob head display (Image via minecraftforum)

There are a few different ways to obtain mob heads in Minecraft. Unfortunately for survival players, the only way to obtain mob heads in the game is to use inventory editors.

Charged Creepers

Charged creepers are a variant version of creepers that occur when lightning strikes within 5 blocks of a creeper. When this lightning strikes so close to the creeper, the creeper becomes charged with electricity. This makes their explosions more than twice as powerful as normal creepers.

Charged creepers can inflict up to 127 damage points on Minecraft's hardest difficulty, while regular creepers can only inflict up to 64 damage points.

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The reason we're discussing charged creepers is because these rare creatures can help players get mob heads. When a charged creeper blows up a zombie, creeper or skeleton and kills them, these mobs will supposedly drop their heads.

This is the best and only way to get mob heads naturally in vanilla survival Minecraft. It's unfortunate that charged creepers are such a rare mob.

Wither Skeletons

Wither skeletons may be the easiest mob head to collect in Minecraft. They are only found in the Nether dimension and act similarly to regular skeletons.

When the player is attacked by a Wither skeleton, they will receive a poisonous potion effect. These mobs have a slight chance of dropping their heads when slain. These heads are how players spawn the Wither skeleton into the game.

Ender Dragon heads

The Ender Dragon also has a head available for players to collect. This head is slightly larger than others in Minecraft and even has its own animation.

The Ender Dragon head can be found at the end of End Ships. These are rare naturally generated structures only found in the End dimension.

Inventory Editors

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The only other way for players to get heads in Minecraft is by using inventory editors. These editors cannot be used in vanilla survival Minecraft. They allow players to spawn rare and special items into their game, including all types of mob and player heads.

The best type of inventory editor that players can use is called INVedit. This editor is relatively simple and doesn't require the player to mess around with Minecraft's code at all.

Many players compare INVedit to NBTedit, which is another great editor for Minecraft. NBTedit was created for an older version of Minecraft.

Players often compare the two, saying INVedit is the famous successor of NBTedit. Regardless of the editor used, players should be able to get mob and player heads easily using this method.

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