How To Get More Estus Flasks Dark Souls 3 Guide: How To Upgrade Estus Flask

To reinforce the Estus Flask, you need to find “Estus Shards”. Once you have found one, go to the blacksmith in Firelink Shrine and give him the shard. Doing this will allow you to carry another estus flask use. You can get a total of 15 (spread across estus, and ashen). You start the game with 4. The Estus Shards respawn in new game+, so if you happen to miss one you can get another one you already got.

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Reinforcing the bonfire in Firelink Shrine upgrades your Estus health recovery. This is done by burning “Undead Bone Shards” in the bonfire at Firelink Shrine. This video will show you the locations of all the “Undead Bone Shards” in the game.

if you happen to miss any, you can go into new game+ and they'll all have respawned. You can only get you Estus Flask up to +10 though and any further bone shard you pick up will be useless.

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I won't spoil myself but if there's 15 per playtrough that mean I pretty much found 100% of the shards for now. I think I'm close to 60% of the game and I'm at 11 and +6. Thanks for the info tho.

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