How To Get More People In Fallout Shelter, How To Get More Dwellers Fast

Bethesda's recent release Fallout Shelter for the Android platform was a huge success. As the Android users are new to this Tiny Tower-rescue vault-building sim with huge details, they have more questions arising that how to increase the dwellers for my Vault. Here are some small tips to increase your vault population even if there are attacked or died.

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Making Babies:

The simplest way to increase the population in Fallout Shelter is by making babies. Just after the tutorial ends, about 12 dwellers from the wasteland show up to your vault door. But you need to match the pairs(a male dweller and a female dweller) and put them in Living room. After some time, you will notice that they will jump and run toward the room this indicates that this pair will work out. Later the Male dweller comes out first from the room and then the lady with a noticeably larger stomach. Now you can send this dweller back to work as it will take 8 hours(Real-time).A pregnant woman and children will not participate in any incidents like fires and raider attacks.

Hint: If you double-tap the room then you can also see the conversation between the pair.

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Note: In Larger Quarters you can put multiple dwellers and they will pair off by themselves.

Opening Lunchboxes:

Making babies is indeed the easiest way, but it has also some disadvantages such as you need to grow the child and there have to start with very low SPECIAL stats. The second way to increase dwellers with good SPECIAL stats is the Lunchboxes. When you open the Lunchboxes you get 4 random cards and if you are lucky then you might receive a dweller with higher stats or characters from the previous Fallout games(Special Character). As these dwellers are pulled out from the random cards so once in a while you also might not get a dweller. To earn the Lunchboxes there are 3 ways:

In-game PurchaseCompleting Hard ObjectivesPlaying the game 7 days straight(you receive a daily report score)

Building a Radio Station:

The Radio Station is unlocked when you have 20 or more dwellers in your vault. The main purpose of the Radio Station is to improve the dweller's happiness within the vault and secondly, to reach out to the far-off wasteland which increases the chance of a waste lander to join your vault. When the dwellers start working in Radio Station, the rooms get the countdown and when it reaches to zero a signal is broadcasted into the wasteland searching for some waste ander to appear at your vault's door. Every time the countdown hits zero a single is sent to the wasteland inviting dweller to your vault.

Hint: Place Dwellers with higher Charisma to the Radio Station to Improve the success rate.

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Sending Dwellers into the Wasteland:

This may or may not work, but when you send your dweller to the Wasteland by dragging him/her out of the vault to explore. It seems that they inviting some dwellers when they meet during their exploration in the wasteland. And it happens that some dwellers show up at your vault door just after few minutes you send your dweller. Try out this exploration with Higher Luck dweller.

These are all the tips to increase your vaults population. If any doubt does let us know in the comments below.

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