How To Get Player Heads In Minecraft 1.11, How To Get Player Heads In Minecraft

Heads are decorative blocks that were added in the coveted Minecraft 1.4 update. Although heads are technically decorative blocks, they do actually have some practical purposes in single player Minecraft. Player heads particularly are also commonly utilized by Minecraft servers within several server-side plugins.

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There are six types of heads that can be obtained within Minecraft, these are: player, zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, creeper, and dragon. All heads can be broken without requiring any specific tools, and will drop itself when successfully destroyed.

How to get a Player Head in Minecraft:

If you’re on the newest version of Minecraft you can simply use the command /give
p minecraft:player_head{SkullOwner:PlayerNameHere}
but for older versions of Minecraft (below version 1.13) you need to use a command block.

TIP: You must either be in creative mode, or have cheats enabled to use commands in Minecraft.

For versions below 1.13:

Step 1.) Type the command: /give minecraft:command_block


Step 2.) Place down the command block and in the Console Command section type this command: /give
p minecraft:skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:username}


Step 3.) Once you have pressed done, you will need to add something to the Command block in order to power it. In this case we will use a button for simplicity, as shown below.

Step 4.) Press the button and you will receive the player head of the username you entered!




Can you get a villager head in Minecraft?


Yes, when you kill a villager with a looting enchanted sword, you will receive a villager head.

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Can you get a Steve head in survival?

No, Steve heads are only currently able to be obtained via creative mode.

How do you get an enderman head in Minecraft?

You can get an enderman head by killing an enderman, the chance of getting a head from killing an enderman is 1/40 (2.5%).

What does a Creeper head do?

Wearing a creeper head will mean that the range the creeper can detect you from is reduced by 50%.

The same principle actually applies for skeletons and zombies too with skeleton heads and zombie heads respectively.


Heads are a very interesting and unique decorative block within the game, primarily due to the fact they are smaller than normal blocks and any custom texture can be applied to them. Minecraft servers and adventure map creators particularly utilize player heads to their advantage due to the fact their textures can easily be changed to represent real life items; this effectively adds new decorative blocks to the game.

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In a practical sense however, players can wear certain mob heads to deter specific mob detection ranges, thus making said mobs much easier to farm and fight.

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