how to get rid of taint in minecraft

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Hi there,

so me and my brother havind an issue with the Thaumcraft mod, wich we are not very familiar with already. I have read this on a ftb-wiki page: Ethereal Blooms can be created in a crucible from the Shimmerleaf plants found growing under wild Silverwood Trees.
Now, we build a crucible just as said on the website. Also I do have Shimmerleaf and I know where to find more. We already saw purple tainted land and it”s spreading.

No, how do I create these ethereal blooms? I found one recepe: Ethereal Blooms – 16 Herba, 16 Praecantio, 16 Sano, 8 Vitium.
But where did the "Ethereal Blooms can be created in a crucible from the shimmerleaf" part go? And we can”t find these four things in our list, how do we get it?

Also we read about a silverwood tree can purify the area, but I cannot figure out how to plant it in a tainted area. I mean, I plant one close to our home base and it is growing, but when I plant a sapling in the tainted area it is not.

We really can use some help here.

mc.crab Well-Known Member
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Jun 11, 2016

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To create items with the crucible you first have to research the item with the Thaumonomicon. When you have researched it you need to throw items that contain those aspects in to the caculdron and as a last ingredient the shimmerleaf.

How close to your base the taint is? If you have not started Thaumcraft it will take a while to get to Ethereal Blooms.
epidemia78 New Member
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Jun 11, 2016

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When I first saw it, I thought taint was a big deal…but with time I learned that its pretty much a non issue so my advice is not to worry about it. But for the record, its the pure nodes that sometimes spawn inside silverwood trees that purify tainted land, not the trees themselves.

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