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There doesn”t appear to be a hotkey to open a waypoint window to edit or remove any existing waypoints, and all of the death waypoints do not vanish after another death. Eventually this could get really cluttered in areas like the Nether.

When I open the new waypoint splash window (hotkey =

neither is there an option to remove them there. There is a remove button on the bottom-left, but it is always grayed out. I believe the minimap mod is JourneyMap. Please assist.

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When you open the Journeymap menu (no clue what the default key is in Infinity, but it opens a big map that fills the whole screen), one of the buttons on one of the edges of the screen should be something about Waypoints. Click on it, it”ll open a menu where you can edit, hide, or delete any waypoints you may have, including deathpoints.
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or if you are using Mapwriter(included in Opis) you can click on the waypoint on the map and hit DEL

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