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Ahhh one of the great great imbalances in Minecraft. You can get infinite potion effects, or loot a village blacksmith for a method to travel 8x faster, but whrn it comes to spawning in a single mob we are forbidden.

So I set out to change that. Day and Night I searched for a way to get spawn eggs untill one day it dawned on me. So without further ado, here is my solution:

Spawn eggs will have a 90% change to spawn in stacks of 1 in Nether fortress chests, this chance is increased with luck, and is independant of the other chest items.

They will also spawn in End City chests in stacks of 2, with an 80% chance. The entire stack contains the same type of egg

Some notes:The mob that can spawned by the egg is purely random as long as it is allowed in creative mode (pig, bat, zombie, endermite, guardian, anything is allowed)

They CANNOT be used to change the rotating mob in mob spawners. This functionality is reserved to creative mode only

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