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Fantastic updates every year are one of the main reasons why Minecraft has become the top-selling game of all time. Having said that, Minecraft's upcoming 1.18 version is the most anticipated update in its history.

Fans have been asking for new caves and cliffs additions for a long time. After much anticipation, Mojang finally revealed the Caves and Cliffs update at Minecon 2020.

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Minecon 2021 is already approaching its expected date and players are already speculating about the update. Here are some additions and features players would love to see in Minecraft.

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Updates fans want after Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs

5) The End update

Maybe in a future update (Image via Better End mod)

Minecraft 1.9 update was the last time the End dimension received a major update. Since then, barely any new features have been added to the void realm. Since the Nether dimension has already received a massive update, players are expecting one for the End dimension as well.

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Most players would agree that the End dimension is just too bland. Compared to the Overworld and Nether realm, there's nothing much in this dimension. Outside the main island, players can only find end islands containing rare end cities, common chorus fruits, and endermen.

Mojang can add new biomes, blocks, and mobs to the End dimension. Minecraft Dungeons already has a variety of different mobs in the End other than endermen.

4) Combat V2 update

The last combat update happened over five years ago. Since then, a lot has changed in Minecraft. A second combat update is definitely needed to balance Minecraft's combat aspect.

In August 2019, developers released a combat test 2 version on Reddit, featuring modifications to tridents, swords, and more. Therefore, the Combat V2 update seems quite plausible in the future.

3) Biome update

Ostrich and new tree for savanna (Image via Mojang)

While new biomes are added in almost every update, Mojang sometimes forgets to update the old ones. Most players would love to see some new content in their favorite biomes.

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At Minecon 2018 and 2019, Mojang shared some future improvement ideas for various biomes. Players can expect to see ostriches, meerkats, vultures, frogs, many new biome exclusive trees, and more in future updates.

2) Quality of life update

A general quality-of-life update would massively improve Minecraft. Many players rely on mods, plugins, and other extensions to add features to vanilla Minecraft. In the recent 1.17 update, Mojang added spyglass, which officially sported a zoom feature.

Previously, players had to rely on Optifine and other such mods to use this feature. Similarly, developers can add many other QoL facets to Minecraft in one complete update.

1) Archaeology update

Archaeology (Image via Mojang)

As Mojang has said, the archaeology facet of the Caves and Cliffs update will be delayed as it still requires improvements. This comes after the publishers received mixed feedback concerning the current system.

Archaeology will probably now come as an entirely separate update. Players will be happy with this as a hasty modification to this feature would've been quite disappointing.

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