Hello, I am having a helluva time gaining this one blade off my mower so I can put new ones on. I have a 52" Exnote Lazer Z HP.... I put the last collection of blades on in the loss via the same tools (125psi Air Compressor with Air Impact Wrench.... I have actually the other 2 knives off yet I just can not gain this one nut loose. I have tried heating the blade up with a torch, making use of a liquid penetrator, and also liquid wrench. I also tried hitting a wrench via a hammer to attempt to loosen somepoint. Anybody have actually any other methods? Or someone else have actually the very same problem? Sucount something has actually got to provide....

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you can try an affect wrench on there, i would certainly be careful about rounding it off though, then you would have a actual problem. i am fairly surprised the warmth didn"t work-related. you have to usage some kind of "never-seize" kind product on the blade bolts every time you change the chisels. we have for virtually a decade and never had actually a difficulty.
Placed a block of timber in between the blade and also deck to keep the blade from turning and hit that wrench with a sledge hammer or use a pipe on the take care of. I guarantee it will certainly come loose. And a word of advice, dont go torquing the blade bolts to 300 ft lbs. via that air wrench. Just tighten by hand also. Many chisels dont call for even more than 90 ft lbs.
Are you wedging something between the other knives to save them from spinning? I cant believe that the affect wrench wont get it off??? Try a bigger wrench with some leverage i.e.(an old chain attach fence write-up or something choose that) on the finish of the wrench and provide it a shot. Other than that I dont understand what to tell ya!!
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