How To Get To Creative Mode In Minecraft, How To Switch To Creative Mode In Minecraft

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Discover how to play in Creative mode, as well as how to access basic cheat commands!

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What Is Creative Mode?

In Minecraft, Creative mode allows players to destroy all blocks with just one click, as well as fly at will. Players have complete access to all building blocks of the game, and they do not have a health bar, making them immune to starvation and damage. Monsters do not notice players in Creative mode and are unable to kill players with this immunity.

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Players in Creative mode can also spawn monsters, villagers, and animals into the world, such as wolves or cows. Furthermore, a player in this mode can change the weather, time of day, and more, as well as other accessible cheat commands.


Setting a new world to Creative mode is easy to do and helpful for building-enthusiasts.

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How to Play in Creative Mode

The easiest way to play in Creative mode is to start a new singleplayer world in Creative difficulty. Worlds are usually started in Creative mode with the specific purpose to form a world, structures, or test new Minecraft updates.

To begin a new world this way, follow these steps:

Start your MinecraftSelect “Singleplayer”Select “Create New World”Change game mode to “Creative”Select “More World Options”Change “Allow Cheats” to “On”Name your world and begin!


Turning on cheats will allow the player to access commands and change game modes.

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The Purpose of Cheats

Allowing cheats in your new world will allow you to change game modes later on, in case you plan on playing in Survival mode in the future; having a strictly Creative mode world without cheats enabled will limit that world to Creative mode.

There are numerous cheats available. To change your game mode to Creative, for example, you can type /gamemodecreative or /gamemode 1. To change your game mode back to Survival, just type /gamemode 0 or /gamemode survival.

Useful Commands

Cheat CommandDescription


Switches default game mode to Adventure, Creative or Survival


Switches world difficulty to Peaceful, Easy, Normal or Hard


Changes game mode of specific Player; Survival=0, Creative=1 and Adventure=2


Gives specific Player an item or block of certain amount using data value


Displays all usable cheat commands


Deals 1000 points of damage and automatically kills


Delivers narrative message to other players


Delivers a message to other players as the “Server”


Displays the world's seed


Sets current time in the world; 0=dawn, 6000=midday, 12000=dusk, 18000=midnight


Toggles rain and snow


Telelports target Player to another Player or specifc coordinates

/weather or or

Alters the world's weather; numbers can be added afterward to designate how long this occurs


Gives a specific Player an amount of XP


Altering the game mode and cheats via multiplayer LAN are a viable shortcut.

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Enabling Creative Mode and Cheats in Existing Worlds

What if you want to enter Creative mode in singleplayer world that is currently in Survival mode, without cheats enabled? Don’t worry; while enabling cheats when creating your world makes this easier, there is a workaround called multiplayer LAN.

With your singleplayer world open, do the following:

Go the the Minecraft menu (via your ESC button)Select “Open to LAN”Switch “Allow Cheats” to “On”Select “Start LAN World” on the bottomUse /gamemode 1 to enter Creative mode


Changing your game mode in Minecraft involves a simple cheat command.

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What Does Multiplayer LAN Mean?

When you open your singleplayer world to LAN, you are essentially opening it for other players to join, but only other people on your network. That means that only someone using your internet connection with access to Minecraft can join your world. You do not have to worry about strangers popping into your game unless you are on a large network, such as a school or university connection.

If none of this is an issue, it is a useful way to enable cheats in your singleplayer world and switch your current game mode. Remember to switch your game mode back before exiting your LAN connection!

The inventory in Creative mode shows all building blocks and items available in-game.

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What to Do

Once you’ve gotten into Creative mode in Minecraft, you can start to have some fun! In Creative mode, the usual inventory is replaced with an item selection screen. Between these tabs exist the building blocks and numerous items of the Minecraft world. The blocks and items are organized into tabs with the following labels:

Building Blocks: dirt, wood, ores, wools, stone, sand, blocks, etcDecoration Blocks: trees, flowers, mushrooms, chests, fences, ladders, etcRedstone: pistons, TNT, pressure plates, redstone torch, redstone, etcTransportation: rails, minecarts, saddle, boat, carrot on a stick, etcMiscellaneous: buckets, spawners, books, beacon, discs, etcFoodstuffs: apple, bread, meats, fish, vegetables, etcTools: shovels, pickaxes, axes, compass, shears, etcCombat: bow, arrow, swords, armor, enchanted books, etcBrewing: glass bottle, potion bottles, brewing stand, etcMaterials: coal, diamond, iron, gold, dyes, leather, gunpowder, etc

Using the Tabs and Items

The titles of the tabs are mostly self-explanatory; Combat contains the game’s weapons, Foodstuffs has all available food and so on. With an infinite number of materials, the player can create anything, including spawning monsters, animals and villagers.

Picking and Copying Items in the Environment

While some rarer items, such as monster spawners, are inaccessible in the item selection screen, a player in Creative mode has the ability to “Pick” items within the Minecraft environment. Located as Button 3 (the middle mouse wheel), this allows the player to copy an item, such as a zombie spawner or giant mushroom block, and place it wherever they like in the world. When building in Creative mode, the opportunities are truly endless.

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How to Fly

Traveling in Creative mode is much easier due to the ability to fly!

Double tapping your SPACEBAR gets you in the air, with SHIFT making you go down and SPACEBAR making you fly higher.When flying, you use the default WASD keys to move around in the air.Double tapping the SPACEBAR while flying will immediately disable flying.

As you cannot be physically hurt in Creative mode, falling to the ground will not kill a player. Flying is especially useful when building structures both large and small, from houses to ships in the sky.

Flight makes Creative mode desirable to builders and world explorers.

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Do Monsters Still Spawn?

While in Creative mode, monsters can still spawn at night, but will not sense the player and will not attack unless provoked. Under the Miscellaneous tab, players can spawn multiple Minecraft creatures, from monsters to animals and even villagers.

Take note, however, that squid can still only survive in water, and monsters will still burn in sunlight. Furthermore, mobs will still interact with each other; wolves will still attack livestock, zombies will still attack villagers, along with other usual behavior.

Spawn eggs for animals and monsters are accessible in Creative mode.

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Having Fun

Most players like Minecraft’s Creative mode due to it’s versatility and limitless options. In Creative mode, you can do anything: build structures and villages, build multiplayer puzzle maps, or even test a new project or Minecraft update.

There are multiple maps for download on the internet made for multiplayer battles and interactions, all made with the magic of Creative mode. Some decide to build castles or entire kingdoms; some players even create pixel art in Creative mode! There is an abundance of options, but the choice is still yours. Above all, remember to have fun!

Answer: Yes!

Question: How do I make a beacon in Creative Mode Minecraft?

Answer: To make a beacon, put the following into a crafting table: three glass in the top row, a netherstar between two glass in the second row, and three obsidian blocks in the third row. To make a beacon light up, there can be no blocks obstructing its view of the sky, and it must be on top of a “pyramid” made of any mineral blocks (like diamond blocks, gold blocks, etc.). The larger the pyramid, the more powerful the beacon (with a 9×9 base being the largest).

Question: How do I spawn eggs in Creative Mode of Minecraft?

Answer: Spawn eggs are in the Creative Mode inventory, under Miscellaneous (the lava bucket icon).

Question: How do I build in Minecraft?

Answer: Any way that you like! Use wood, stone, or whatever blocks you want to create anything that you want.

Question: What do I do if I run out of things to build in Creative Mode Minecraft?

Answer: Try looking up some more ideas online, or creating something in-game based on a structure in the real world!

Question: How do I change to spectator mode on the ps3 while playing Minecraft?

Answer: You can only switch to spectator mode in the PC (Java) version of Minecraft – sorry!

Question: How do I get a Brewing Stand in Minecraft?

Answer: You can either find one in a village or craft one! The recipe is one row of cobblestone, with one blaze rod on top.

Question: How do I open creative inventory in Minecraft?

Answer: When you open your inventory in creative mode, it will open up the creative inventory.

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