How To Get To Dustwallow Marsh Alliance Dustwallow Marsh Guide Part 1 Level 38

Fly to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands. At the docks, get the quest James Hyal. As well, its time to complete where we left off on The Missing Diplomat – speak to Mikhail inside the inn, then Defeat Tapoke Jahn to get the next step in The Missing Diplomat.

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Take the boat to Theramore.

Set your Hearthstone to Theramore.


At Theramore, turn in James Hyal and The Missing Diplomat and get the quests:

Inspecting the Ruins This Old Lighthouse Traitors Among Us Tabetha”s Farm Mudrock Soup and Bugs The Missing Diplomat First, run along town and talk to Deserter Agitators. Sometimes, they will turn hostile and attack. After defeating 5 Deserter Agitators, return to Calia Hastings near the docks and get the follow-up Propaganda War. Go to the southernmost dock and board the ship. At the bottom of the ship, pick up the Deserter Propaganda in the boxes. Return to Celia Hastings, turn in Propaganda War. Wait for her to finish altering the fliers, then get the follow-up Discrediting the Deserters. Run along town and talk to Theramore Guards. Then, return to Celia Hastings and turn in Discrediting the Deserters. Get the follow-up The End of the Deserters. Swim northeast to the Lighthouse. Turn in This Old Lighthouse and get the follow-up Thresher Oil. Swim south and kill the Young Murk Threshers under the docks and collect 4 Thresher Oil. Swim a ways east to the ship and clear your way to Gavis Greyshield. Kill him and when he”s near death he”ll surrender. Swim northwest to the Lighthouse and turn in Thresher Oil and get the follow-up Dastardly Denizens of the Deep. Swim southwest to the Theramore docks and turn in The End of the Deserters and Dastardly Denizens of the Deep and get the follow-up Is It Real? Swim southwest to Nat Pagle. Turn in Is It Real? and get the follow-up Nat”s Bargain. Use the fish paste immediately. Swim southwest to the shipwreck. With the fish paste applied, a shark will attack. Kill it.

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Return to Nat Pagle and turn in Nat”s Bargain. Get the follow-up Oh, It”s Real. Swim northeast to the docks and turn in Oh, It”s Real and get the follow-up Take Down Tethyr! Tethyr, a giant sea creature, will spawn. Run between the middle cannon and one of the side cannons and use them until the monster is dead. Then, turn in the quest upon his defeat. Get the new quests in town, The Hermit of Swamplight Manor and A Disturbing Development


Follow the road northwest to the first tower, Sentry Point. Turn in: The Missing Diplomat and get the next step in the chain. A Disturbing Development and get the follow-up Defias in Dustwallow? Head east to the shore and fight your way up it killing Mudrocks. Pull some up to shore from the ocean as well. Gather 8 Forked Mudrock Tongue. There are more on the island in step 3, so move on and keep looking for Mudrocks if you don”t have enough tongues yet. Swim northeast to the island and kill Garn Mathers. Run northwest to Swamplight Manor and turn in The Hermit of Swamplight Manor. Get the quests: The Orc Report What”s Haunting Witch Hill? Marsh Frog Legs Head northeast and gather 10 Frog Legs by killing the level 1 frog critters. Also, kill Risen Husks and Risen Spirits which are often near the frogs to Gather 10 Information. Return to Swamplight Manor and turn in What”s Haunting Witch Hill? and Marsh Frog Legs and get the follow-up The Witch”s Bane. Head west and pick up 9 Witchbane along the river. Ignore the quests from Sergeant Lukas for now and go a short distance west and find Private Hendel. Defeat him to complete the final link of the long chain of The Missing Diplomat and enjoy the payout of a massive amount of experience. Head northwest to a clearing of many Darkmist Spiders and kill them for 20 Unpopped Darkmist Eyes. Circle around the horde outpost Brackenwall Village and visit the ogre Mudcrush Durtfeet to get the quest Hungry! Go to the Shady Rest Inn and turn in Inspecting the Ruins. Get the three follow-ups Suspicious Hoofprints, Lieutenant Paval Reethe, and The Black Shield.

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Hearth to Theramore. Turn in the quests: Mudrock Soup and Bugs, and don”t get the follow-up The Orc Report and complete its follow-ups Suspicious Hoofprints Lieutenant Paval Reethe and complete the follow-ups and get The Deserters The Black Shield and complete its follow-ups

Get the quest:

Mission to Mudsprocket

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