how to get to exodar from darnassus

Đang xem: How to get to exodar from darnassus

Post by Pwntiff

Used to be a boat from Auberdine, now I guess it”s a boat from the new Night Elf camp in Darkshore.

Post by Atik

There is still a boat, but it now takes you from Stormwind to Darnassus and back (Human built ship). Once you get to Teldrassil though, there is another dock on the West Side of the port that will take you to the Exodar (Nightelf built ship).


Why does everything have to be so damn complicated? My Warrior could have easily ninjad his way to the dock, through Darn, and gotten the achieve. Same with Exodar and then I could head through redridge for SW and IF.

Now the only city I won”t have to fight my way through is IF? Are you kidding me?

Meanwhile, the allies can just walk right up and sit down. Hell, the only time the need to become flagged is UC, and there aren”t even any gaurds up there!

Alliance Favoratism FTL.

Post by frerouche

You can reach rut”theran with waterwalking from northern darkshore.
If you die in rut”theran, you can still cross the fatigue sea in time.
Did so this morning with a friend.

Western boat goes to Azuremyst

Post by Spinkert

Know anything about the Void of Maw bringing you to Darn?

It does not take you anywhere. That”s for doing a quest which will give Alliance players Ghosts In The Dark.

Post by Adamsm

So how do we get to the Exodar post Cataclysm?

You fly from Darkshore to Darnassus then take the boat, same as before.

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Post by Zeekms

So how do we get to the Exodar post Cataclysm?

You fly from Darkshore to Darnassus then take the boat, same as before.

I”ve done it multiple times lately for achievements.

Post by Myrroddin

I thought there were portals back and forth between Darnassus and the Exodar? In Darnassus, assuming the portal does exist, go to the temple and it is right beside the fountain. In the Exodar, I believe it is in the Vault of Lights.

There is a portal to Darnassus on the Stormwind docks. This even works in BfA.

Post by Wylyth

Where is the boat located? (and I do not use coordinates)

In Ruth”aran Village.

The boat has been replaced by a portal in the same location as the boat used to be.

Post by Adamsm

Did you reset Darkshore back to what it was before Battle? Since you can”t fly out there otherwise.

Post by rossi123

Once you arrive in non-deep water outside Rut”theran, go around to the west side of the island. The very west most dock has a boat that goes to Azuremyst. The tables on Azuremyst are just east of the city”s main entrance. You can get there without aggroing any guards if you”re careful. Once you get credit, go back Rut”theran via boat, and run across the water, or swim if your potion is gone, to the north side of the island. You can ride up the hill directly to the portal without aggroing any guards. You”ll teleport in to Darnassus, where you will die. Run from the graveyard to your corpse, and rez in the water, north of the portal you came out of in Darn. Swim north, run past the north side of the cenarion enclave, past the howling oak. Weave around through the craftsmen”s terrace, avoiding the guards you can. The tables are on the warrior”s terrace. You should manage to get there only having died two times max in Darn. Once you have credit, hearth out of there Pnr Status TextNow VPN .

and if you do not go around the west side of the island either by mistake or expres then in this case what are you going to do ?

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