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The Siege of Ulduar

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The Antechamber of Ulduar

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The Keepers of Ulduar


The Descent into Madness

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Long ago the titans imprisoned Yogg-Saron deep within Ulduar to save Azeroth from the Old God”s destructive power. But after years of plotting, Yogg-Saron has succeeded in corrupting its guards and now the monstrous creature is finally breaking free.


Fittingly, Yogg-Saron”s encounter is a complete madness. With three phases and everything happening at the same time, this fight can easily take weeks to master.

Anytime prior the engaging the Old God, you can choose 0-4 Keepers to assist you by talking to their images around the Observation Ring, where you face Auriaya. Each Keeper will buff the raid with an aura specific to him or her, and will also have an additional special ability, key to winning the battle.

During Phase 1, you will face Sara, Yogg-Saron”s vrykul avatar, and Faceless adds. Sara will be friendly to the raid and will cast a few spells, which both help and harm you in some way. The only way to kill her and enter Phase 2 is by killing the Guardians of Yogg-Saron close to her, so their explosion can hit her. The adds spawn by themselves from any of the 4-5 moving clouds on the ground, and an additional Guardian spawns every time a player touches one of the clouds. A total of 8 adds need to be killed next to Sara in order to start the next phase.

Phase 2 is by far the hardest to execute properly. The debuff Sanity starts to play a vital role in the fight – it starts at 100 stacks and is reduced by the various spells Sara casts. You can and should replenish it at the Sanity Wells around the room (if you have Freya helping you), which look like green beams of light, because if your Sanity reaches 0, you are permanently mind-controlled by Yogg-Saron and buffed quite a bit.

Sara”s abilities to watch out for:
Brain Link will connect two people via red/yellow beam. The players will take damage and lose sanity if they are far away from each other (red beam), so make sure you run straight to your partner (yellow beam indicating safe distance).Malady of the Mind is a fear effect that does damage and lowers Sanity, and also jumps to nearby targets after its 4-seconds effect. Get away from anyone with it.Psychosis is a simple damage-and-Sanity hitter, you can”t avoid it.Death Rays will target random locations close to Yogg-Saron”s body, marking them with green light. Soon after the Beams will shoot at those locations and move a little, inflicting a lot of damage to anyone standing in them. They are small, somewhat slow and generally easy to avoid.
Other than those abilities, Yogg-Saron will periodically summon different kinds of tentacles. Constrictors will grab a random raid member, inflict damage over time to them and not release them until either one is dead. Crushers debuff the entire raid with a -20% damage debuff, which can be interrupted by simply hitting them with a melee attack. Be mindful, all attacks apply a 1-second stacking debuff that increases the Crushers” damage and haste by 3% – you will need to allow the debuff to fall off, if you are having a tank constantly interrupting the spell. Corruptors should be the least if your problems, as they die quickly and only debuff the raid with poisons, diseases, magic debuffs and curses, all of which can be removed by players.

On top of all this, portals to Yogg-Saron”s brain will open every 90 seconds or so. Only 4 (25 Player: 10) players can enter, as the portals close after somebody uses them. Those players will enter one of Yogg”s illusions, where they will have to kill several easy-to-kill tentacles (masked as various objects or NPCs), all the while avoiding to face the skulls around the room. As soon as all the tentacles are dead, Yogg-Saron”s brain will be exposed in a nearby chamber – the players will need to DPS him as much as possible, before leaving the room through portals in the brain chamber. Be careful, you will have exactly one minute to clear the illusions and attack the brain – even a second delay in the room above that minute will cause you to be permanently mind -controlled.

If you manage to bring Yogg-Saron”s brain to 30%, Phase 3 will begin. This is mostly a burn phase, with a few tricks. Occasionally Yogg will cast Lunatic Gaze, which is a spell similar to the one the skulls in the portals use – just face away from him as quickly as possible to avoid damage and Sanity loss. Immortal Guardians will also spawn during this phase – they are similar to the ones in Phase 1, except that they don”t die normally. You can”t DPS them below 1%, and the only way to kill them is to wait for Thorim to finish them off, if you have him available helping you. If you don”t have Thorim, you will need to have a tank keep them at least 20 yards away from the boss, as the Beacon marked for Empowering Shadows will heal the boss, if nearby.


The Keepers of Ulduar
Freya – Buffs the raid with Resilience of Nature, which increases damage done by 10% and healing by 20%. Also provides Sanity Wells, which regenerate 10% Sanity every 2 seconds and reduce all damage taken by 50% to players standing in them, through Sanity Well.

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Hodir – Buffs the raid with Fortitude of Frost, which increases damage done by 10% and reduces damage taken by 20%. He can also use Hodir”s Protective Gaze to save a player from what would otherwise be a killing blow. This spell has ~25 seconds cooldown.Mimiron – Buffs the raid with Speed of Invention, which increases damage done by 10% and movement speed by 20%. He can also use Destabilization Matrix to reduce the attack speed by 100% and casting speed by 300% of all Crusher and Corruptor Tentacles during Phase 2.Thorim – Buffs the raid with Fury of the Storm, which increases damage done by 10% and hit points by 20%. He can also use Titanic Storm to kill Immortal Guardians of Yogg-Saron left at 1% hit points, during Phase 3.Phase 1: Sara the Ally
Sara”s Fervor – Increases damage done by 20% and damage taken by 100% for 15 seconds. Cast on a random raid member.Sara”s Blessing – Heals for 27,000 to 33,000 instantly, but causes 3,000 Shadow damage every 1 second, for 20 seconds (Total: 60,000). Cast on a random raid member.Sara”s Anger – Inflicts 12,500 Shadow damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds (Total: 50,000), but increases physical damage done by 12,000. Cast on a random Guardian of Yogg-Saron.Guardian of Yogg-Saron – Spawned slowly at first and more quickly as the fight goes on. Cast Dark Volley, which inflicts 8,500 to 11,500 Shadow damage to everyone in 35 yards range, and reduces the healing done to them by 25%, for 10 seconds. Guardians are also spawned if a player touches any of the clouds moving in the center of the room. They cast Shadow Nova as they die, inflicting 20,000 to 21,994 (25 Player: 25,000 to 27,500) Shadow damage to everyone in 15 yards range.Phase 2: Sara the Enemy
Sanity – Indicates your overall level of Sanity. If Sanity reaches zero your mind will be permanently under the control of Yogg-Saron.Psychosis – Inflicts 5,000 (25 Player: 7,500) Shadow damage and reduces Sanity by 12% (25 Player: 9%). Cast on a random raid member.Malady of the Mind – Inflicts 5,000 Shadow damage, causes a fear effect for 4 seconds and attempts to jump on another player within 10 yards after the effect is over. Also reduces Sanity by 3%.

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Brain Link – Connects two random targets with a beam, causing them to suffer 3,000 Shadow damage and 2% Sanity loss every 1 second they are more than 20 yards away from each other. Lasts 30 seconds, or until one of the players dies or enters a portal.Death Ray – Summons 4 Death Orbs, each inflicting ~10,000 damage per second to players standing in them.Descend Into Madness – Approximately every 90 seconds, 4 (25 Player: 10) portals will open to Brain of Yogg-Saron. Players taking them may be hit by Lunatic Gaze if they face the laughing skulls around the room.The Brain Chamber – Players inside the illusions will need to quickly kill the fake NPCs (e.g. Suit of Armor) inside, which will open a passage to the brain room. Attacking the brain will cause Shattered Illusion, which stuns all tentacles outside the brain room. As soon as the portals open, Induce Madness is cast – players need to leave the brain room through portals in it before the cast is over.Phase 2: Tentacles
Crusher Tentacle – Erupt as they spawn, inflicting 1,488 to 2,012 Physical damage,knocking players back. They channel Diminish Power, which reduces the damage of everybody in the raid by 20%. Diminish Power can be interrupted by a melee attack. Attacks against the Crushers buff them with Focused Anger, increasing their damage done and attack speed by 3% per application. Lasts 1 second unless refreshed.Constrictor Tentacle – Squeeze a random target, inflicting 6,000 (25 Player: 7,500) Physical damage every 2 seconds. Immunity effects or the death of the tentacles free the target.Corruptor Tentacle – Erupt as they spawn, inflicting 1,488 to 2,012 Physical damage, knocking players back. Cast Apathy, which reduces attack, casting and movement speed by 60% for 20 seconds (Magic effect); Black Plague, which stuns the target for 2 seconds every 3 seconds (Disease); Curse of Doom, which inflicts 20,000 Shadow damage after 12 seconds (Curse); Draining Poison, which inflicts 3,500 Nature damage and drains 1,400 mana every 3 seconds for 18 seconds.Phase 3: An Old God
Lunatic Gaze – Inflicts 5,700 to 6,300 Shadow damage and 4% Sanity every 1 second as long as the target faces Yogg-Saron. Raid-wide, cast periodically with a visual effect.Shadow Beacon – Targets an Immortal Guardian for Empowering Shadows.Empowering Shadows – Regenerates 11,250 (25 Player: 37,500) Hit points every 1 second, for 20 seconds (Total: 225,000, or 750,000 on 25) to nearby allies. Cast on the Shadow Beacon 10 seconds after buff is applied.

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Immortal Guardian – Spawned periodically during this Phase. They start with 9 stacks of Empowered, which increases their damage by 180% per stack; they lose a stack every 10% of their health. Immortal Guardians stop taking damage when their health reaches 1%, and can be killed only by Thorim.Deafening Roar – Inflicts 7,600 to 8,400 Physical damage and silences the raid for 4 seconds. Only cast on 25 Player difficulty and with 0-3 Keepers active.

Hard Mode Loot

10 Player
25 Player

Amice of Inconceivable Horror
Caress of Insanity
Hammer of Crushing Whispers
Signet of Soft Lament
Soul-Devouring Cinch
Vanquished Clutches of Yogg-Saron (0 Keepers)
Dark Edge of Depravity
Legguards of Cunning Deception
Seal of the Betrayed King
Show of Faith
Treads of the False Oracle
Mimiron”s Head (0 Keepers)

Encounter Journal

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