How To Get To Ra-Den – Where Is Ra Den In Throne Of Thunder

Ra-den is a two phase fight. You start in Phase 1, and transition into Phase 2 at 40% hp.

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Phase 1Nullifying StrikeAt 100 energy, boss does a big tank smack for 214k Shadow damage, and reduces that tank’s HP by 20% for 25sVita & Void EssencesAt 0:10, then every 45 seconds during Phase 1, the boss spawns orbs on opposite sides of the room, one Vita (lightning) one VoidThese orbs move from their spawn point directly to the bossEach orb has a health pool and is attackableWhen you kill one orb, the other becomes non-targetableWhen an orb reaches the boss, he gains an empowerment from it and gives him new abilitiesIf he soaks the same type of orb twice in a row, he gains a 300% damage dealt buffEach Empowerment lasts 40 seconds


Vita (lightning) EmpoweredWhen the lightning orb hits the boss, he immediately blasts the raid with a lightning AoE ability, dealing 214k Nature to everyoneUnstable VitaDebuff placed on a random target, person1. After 7s, this jumps to the furthest person possible, person 2, dealing 178k Nature damage to person 2 and anyone standing between person 1 and person 2.Jumps 3 times totalAnyone who takes damage from this gains Instability Exposure, increasing damage taken by any “Unstable” ability by 300% for 30sCrackling StalkerAdd that spawns, casts Chain Lightning every 6s while it’s aliveVoid EmpoweredWhen the void orb hits the boss, he puts a healing absorb shield on every player which absorbs 214k healing. While this shield is active, everyone also takes 18k Shadow damage every 3sUnstable VoidSoak circle appears on the ground, with a void missile launched at the locationAfter a few seconds, the missile lands, dealing 196k Shadow to anyone hit and applying Instability Exposure to those peopleIf this is not soaked, it’ll deal 157k to the entire raid, apply Instability Exposure to everyone, and Silence the raid for 8sAfter impact, the Missile will bounce to a new soak circleImpacts 5 times total


Void HunterShadow add that spawns. Casts Void CollapseGroup soak circle. Deals 1.4 million Shadow damage split evenly among everyone within 8 yardsEveryone hit is also debuffed with Void Defilement, reduces healing taken by 50%


Phase 2 – 40%RuinRa-den deals 53k Plague damage to the raid every 2s for the rest of the fightDecaying StrikeReplaces Nullifying StrikeAt 100 Energy, smacks the tank for 89k Physical, and applies the Decaying Wound debuffDeals damage every 2s for 10sDamage is equal to 75% of the affected tank’s HP when this effect is applied. The higher health you were when you got hit by Decaying Strike, the heavier this DoT isVoid EruptionRa-den creates several large purple swirliesAfter 4s they explode, dealing 196k Shadow to anyone hit


Charged BondsTethers multiple players togetherDeals 25k Nature every secondIncreases by 20% every secondBreaks when you move 40 yards away from who you’re tethered toGorge EnergyCast every 30s in Phase 2Applies a stack of Lingering Energies each cast, increasing damage dealt by 10%StrategyPhase 1Tank the boss where he stands, with everyone stacked behind the boss in melee rangePre-assign a 6 person Unstable soak group. These people will handle all of the Unstable abilitiesUnstable void is pretty straightforward, assigned group takes turns soakingSet up two world markers behind the group, one to the left one to the right. These should be 10 yards away from the stack point, in different directionsThese will be used as drop points for Unstable VitaThe first person affected is random, but you can have the rest handled by your pre-assigned groupIf one person in your order is the random person picked, just remove them from your set rotationIt should be handled as follows:Player X gets Unstable Vita.

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They run to the Left marker.Player Y is assigned first in the rotation. They run to the Right markerUnstable Vita jumps from Player X to Player YAfter that jump, Player Z is the next assigned person. They move to the Left marker, and wait for the jump from YKeep repeating that through your assigned player rotation until the debuff endsVoid and Vita OrbsMake sure you alternate which Orb you let hit the boss, or you’ll wipeWhile the order you do these in is irrelevant to the difficulty of the encounter, we STRONGLY suggest you always do these in the same order every pull, just for simplicity sake as you progress this bossWhen the orbs spawn, Ranged dps swap immediately to the assigned Orb targetMelee swap as the orb gets closer to reduce downtimeOnce the assigned orb dies, everyone should get back to the raid stack pointYou may want to use a healing raid CD for every time an Orb reaches the bossTanks will want to swap every stack of Nullification StrikeThe adds that spawn after an orb hits should be taunted by the tank who’s not currently holding Ra-den, and all DPS should hardswap and nuke the addTank the add right under the boss for cleaveWhen the Void Add casts Void Collapse, the affected player should just stay at the raid stack point to split the damagePhase 2Once the boss reaches 40%, you reach Phase 2, which is a hard burn phaseYou’ll want to use Bloodlust either when you enter this phase, or at 30% if you have a lot of classes with Execute-style effectsDon’t stand in Void Eruption swirliesHealers should keep the tank holding Ra-den at around 50-60% hp. Any higher than that, and it’s likely they’ll die from the Decaying Would DoTRemember, this ticks for 75% of the affected player’s HP at the time of application. At 50% HP, this’ll tick for 37.5% of the tank’s HP every 2s, versus 75% of the tank’s HP if they’re at full.Players affected by Charged Bond need to spread out ASAP to break the chains. Use movement abilities hereThere’s already a LOT of damage going out this phase, so breaking these ASAP is important to your survivalHealers will want to coordinate and rotate raid CDs during this phase. Ruin ticks for 53k every 2s, but that’s increased by 10% per stack of Lingering Energies the boss hasThe longer you’re in P1, the more stacks you’ll start withHe also gains a stack every 30s in this phaseIt’s likely that by the time the boss dies, you’ll have 8 or more stacks, meaning the raid will be taking close to 100k damage every 2s. Without raid CDs, that won’t be healableStart rotating CDs after Bloodlust endsNuke the living hell out of this old Titan Keeper fella, thank your healers once he dies, and get ready to fight an Old GodSk'tek agth nuq N'Zoth yyqzz.

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This graphic shows your general positioning throughout the first. Put raid markers at Star and Circle to handle Unstable Vita. The X markers represent roughly where the Orbs spawn.

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