How To Get To Tanaris From Thousand Needles, How To Get From If Or Sw To Tanaris

Tanaris is a huge waterless desert in the very south of Kalimar. The only settlement in all of Tanaris is the city of Gadgetzan, a neutral settlement ruled by goblins. In addition to them, only sand trolls live in the desert from intelligent races. The Tanaris Desert is located south of the Thousand Needles, but the direct route there is closed, so the question of how to get to Tanaris is by no means an easy one.

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The desert, at first glance, justifies its name and is really not crowded, but it is worth moving away from the city and immediately there are many monsters who want to feast on you. This is not counting the bandits who settled in the local ruins and various magical creatures such as sand elementals. Since this Wow and gotta swing, then the location is also full of various dungeons in which mysterious creatures live. It is also said that bronze dragons live here, but this is more a beautiful legend than a directly observed fact. It is assumed that by the time the player gets here, he will already be level 45, getting to Tanaris earlier is quite possible, but essentially pointless. After the desert is cleared of bandits and monsters, the player can safely go further to the crater of Un Goro.

From Stormwind (if cataclysm or pandaria), we simply port through the teleport to Uldum and then fly on the mount. If you have 3.3.5 then Dui is in Booty Bay (Pirate Bay), from there the ship goes to Ratchet, there you loop through the Horde territory, to the south all the time, through a Thousand Needles, and you are in Tanaris.

It is also possible through the port in Dalaran, porting to the caves of time. And another way to swim through Teremor.

And from Orgrimmar we are flying stupidly, there are no difficulties.

Goblin Quests

The cunning do not want to share their monopoly and transport all willing heroes to Tanaris for nothing, and although the desert is not even located on another continent, getting to Panaria is much easier. In order to get to Tanaris for the first time (after that you can open air routes and portals to the capitals of both factions), you will come to complete the task in the Thousand Needles location or in Feralis. Both quests will eventually lead you to a drifting goblin barge, with which you can already get to Tanaris. I must say that these tasks require a certain reputation from the factions, so that many players prefer to get to the place on their own, that is, in fact, by swimming. This can be done with a water walking spell, underwater breathing potion, and other similar methods.

Among other things, it always remains to fly to the location you need, if you have a flying pet or ask a familiar magician to open a portal for you. It may cost some gold, but it may well pay off while exploring the dungeons below Tanaris.

Tanaris is a large waterless desert located in the south of Kalimar. The only settlement in all of Tanaris is the city of Gadgetzan. The masters of the city are goblins who are neutral. In addition to them, sand trolls also live in this desert. The Tanaris Desert is located just south of the Thousand Needles location, however, you cannot get there directly, and therefore the question of how to get to Tanaris remains relevant.

At first glance, the desert is almost deserted and not inhabited, but if you move away from the city, then a sufficient number of mobs immediately appear that are not averse to you to dine. And this is in addition to the bandits who are located on the local ruins and various creatures like sand elementals. And since the main task of the game is to pump the hero, here you will find a sufficient number of dungeons, in which there are many creatures for pumping. There are also rumors that bronze dragons live here, but there is no confirmation of this. By the time a player enters Tanaris, he must be level 45. You can get here earlier, but in principle there is no point. After clearing the desert from monsters and bandits, you can safely move to the Un Goro crater.

From Stormwind, you can teleport to Uldum, and then fly on the mount. Possibly also through Pirate Bay. From there, a ship is sent to Ratchet, and from there, after looping through the Horde, moving all the time to the south and passing through the Thousand Needles, you will find yourself in Tanaris.

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There are other ways to get to Tanaris as follows. In Dalaran through the portal we move to the caves of time. And you can also get by swimming through Teremor. From Ogrimmar there are no problems to get to the location – just run and that”s it.

Goblin Quests Sly goblins are not at all eager to transport everyone to Tanaris just like that, although the desert is not located on another continent, but, for example, it is much easier to get to Pandaria. In order to get to Tanaris for the first time, you will have to complete the quest in Feralas or Thousand Needles. After that, it will be possible to scout air routes or portals to the capitals. The task being performed will eventually lead you to the goblin barge, from which it will already be possible to get to Tanaris. It is worth noting that for this task it will be necessary to have a certain reputation from the factions. It is because of this that a sufficient number of players get over on their own, i.e. swim. This is done with the use of underwater breathing potion or water walking spell, and in other similar ways.

World of Warcraft is a cult MMORPG that unites millions of players around the world. It has many locations and mysteries, secret paths and large, but quite dangerous paths. Sooner or later, each player who has chosen the side of the Alliance has to think about how to get from Stormwind to Tanaris.

Possible ways

Currently, there are several options on how to get from Stormwind to Tanaris relatively quickly:

through the port in Pirate Bay;across the Menethilov bay;through the airship in Stranglethorn Vale.

Each of these paths has both advantages and disadvantages.

Way through the port in Pirate Bay

This path is the most used one. At the same time, novice players may have quite serious problems with movement along it.

About that, from Stormwind through the Pirate Bay, they will tell quests that will need to be gradually passed. First, you will need to head from Stormwind to Duskwood. There is a road in its southern part. In the future, you will have to move constantly south. The so-called Pirate Bay will be located at the very bottom of the map. This settlement is neutral, so here players from the opposing faction can attack any character. In the western part of the bay there is a pier, to which a ship arrives every 5-7 minutes, which goes to Kolimdor.

After a trip on the ship, you need to get off it and head west along the only road to the place of its infusion into the main path that crosses all the Northern steppes. In the future, you should turn left and move along the main path. It will lead directly to the gorge dividing the steppes into its northern and southern parts. Then you need to head through the southern steppes, all along the same path to the location “Thousand Needles”. It is almost completely filled with water. You should cross it in the direction to the east. This can be done both by water and by cable bridges stretched between the mountain ranges. The waterway will be safer, but somewhat longer. For players with a high level, running along the bridges is quite simple. Lurking monsters will not be able to deal significant damage. As for the low-level characters, they will have to wade through crowds of opponents that are quite dangerous for them.


The entrance to Tanaris will be located in the southeastern part of the “Thousand Needles” location.

The path through the bay of Menethilov

Before you get from Stormwind to Tanaris along this path, you must first decide which way to reach Ironforge. There are 2 options:

by train from the Dwarven quarter;with a griffin from Stormwind.

After arriving in Stollhorn, you will need to cross Dun Morogh towards the east. There will be a passage in. After the character is in this location, you need to head north along the western part of Loch Modan. In the northernmost part of the location, there will be a passage to the Wetlands. After that you need to go through the main road to the west to the Menethil Bay. From there, every 5-7 minutes a ship departs for Theramore, already located in Kalimdor. This city is located in the location “Dustwallow Marsh”. If you follow the main road to the west, you can go to the Southern Steppes. In the future, the path will correspond to the previous one.

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Path using the Stranglethorn zeppelin

This path is the least frequently used by WoW players. How to get to Tanaris from Stormwind with his help, a much smaller number of gamers know. After the player passes the path indicated in the first option, through the Duskwood, and heads through Stranglethorn Valley, then immediately after the Garubashi arena, he should turn right and go to the orc settlement through the jungle. There will be a landing site. With a frequency of about 10 minutes an airship flies up to it. He will take the character directly to Durotar, located on Kalimdor. In the future, you will need to get out along the western road to the Northern Steppes and move south, as described in the first option.

These are currently the only viable options for getting from Stormwind to Tanaris.

How to get to Tanaris becomes a daunting task for all World of Warcraft level 45 players. It is there that intensive pumping takes place up to the fiftieth mark of the hero. There are many ways to get to this territory, but not all users know about them. It is better to know each of them, because it is not known where you will have to travel from.

Universe games

The world of “Warcraft” is truly huge, because it is not in vain that people live their second lives in it. During the gameplay, how to get into Tanaris will be just one of hundreds of similar tasks. There are several dozen locations on seven continents, vast territories with their own nature and history. Each task tells about the fate of individuals, helps to better understand the universe. During adventures, the player pumps the character, gets achievements, mounts and items. All this is done for the sake of participating in the greatest raid battles against the threats of Azeroth or battles in contested locations with other players.

Tanaris, Stormwind and Orgrimmar

To understand how to get to Tanaris without unnecessary difficulties, you need to know the basic information about the location and the capitals of the faction. This territory is located on the continent of Kalimdor of the world of Azeroth. It looks like a desert, which is adjacent to the sea. The only settlement is Gribambasc, where enterprising goblins conduct their business. In the same settlement there is an arena that allows you to get a lot of experience when pumping.

That is why Tanaris is a key point for any user. Most often, users try to get here from the capitals of the faction – Stormwind and Orgrimmar. The first is located on the mainland of the Eastern Kingdoms, and the path from there is long. The second city is located a few locations higher in coordinates, and therefore Horde players have no difficulty in getting to Tanaris. Both cities are renowned for their long history, great liveliness of players and NPCs, and essential infrastructure. From here, users plan all raids or battlefields.


Modes of movement for the Horde

Immediately, we note that most of the Horde races are pumped precisely on the territory of Kalimdor, therefore the desired desert location will be along the way. If you still have a question about how to get to Tanaris from Orgrimmar, then there are several solutions for him. First of all, you can simply use the transport network and be at your destination in 5-7 minutes. To reduce the waiting time on the way, you can first use the teleport to Uldum (adjacent location). The portals are located on a hill in the northern part of Orgrimmar.

From Uldum, you can already get to Tanaris both by land and by air, riding your own mount. In addition to Gribambascus, there are small settlements of sand trolls on the territory of the location. They, too, can offer the player a variety of missions and items for sale.


Modes of movement for the Alliance

From the Eastern Kingdoms, the quickest way to reach Tanaris is through the portal to Uldum. From there, simply fly to your destination, most often Gadgetzan or the Timeless Caverns dungeons. If you are playing on the Lich King expansion, the portals will be absent and movement will be difficult. In this case, the most realistic way is through Fly to the location using your own transport or a network from the capital. There in the southern part there is a town of robbers called Pirate Bay. Board the ship and head to Ratchet. From there, you will have to fly or run through the Thousand Needles straight to Tanaris. This path is not convenient, but the delights of the location and arena are worth the effort spent by the player.

Uncle Deck was busy with a bunch of other important things. But, then remembering that it was necessary to finish what he had begun and complete his march through Kalimdor, he turned on a cunning gnomish device and found himself in a town in the middle of the desert. The town was called Gadgetzan, and the desert was called Tanaris …

Tanaris is one of my favorite locations in Kalimdor, and perhaps in the entire Old World. Despite the fact that the landscapes and views here are rather modest and there is no special vegetation here either, there is still some special charm in Tanaris. The desert is a rather philosophical landscape, a pacific ocean of sand, which sometimes bursts into sad storms, in which it is very easy to get lost and perish. Perhaps the musical motive also plays an important role, but I think that is still not the main thing. The main thing is, in my opinion, that there are enough mysterious places with a long history. The location itself is very atmospheric, which, I think, is greatly facilitated by the musical accompaniment. But let”s talk about everything in order.


The center of Tanaris life is undoubtedly the goblin town of Gribambascus. Personally, I don”t really like this “Russian” name, so I prefer the “old-believing” Gadgetzan more. This goblin settlement reminds me of Mos Eisley, a settlement on Tatooine from the Star Wars universe, the place where Darth Vader spent his childhood (when he was still an Anakin kid). Similar architecture and black market atmosphere, full of suspicious individuals who are not averse to shoving a knife between your ribs. In Gadgetzan you can find not only a tavern, but also a ganker from the opposite faction, a bunch of quest givers, but also a neutral auction along with representatives of all professions, from which, of course, you can buy exclusive recipes and reagents. In the middle of the city, there is an arena where you can measure your strength against fellow adventurers, although in PvP realms, skirmishes take place anywhere in this city of adventurers.


In addition to this settlement, the Sly Gear Cartel has founded a small port on the coast from which you can (but not you) get to the goblin capital – Undermine.


In addition to Gadgetzan, Tanaris has a large settlement – the city of trolls, Zul”Farrak. The city is inhabited by trolls from the Sandstorm tribe and uninvited guests are more than welcome here. They worship their cruel gods and legends say that a demigod dwells in the waters of the sacred reservoir, capable of defeating any wicked who dares to disturb him.


Tanaris is also attractive because there are many ancient ruins and mysterious places. One of the most mysterious places of the desert is, of course, the Caverns of Time, where according to legend lived Nozdormu himself and now the Dragons of the Bronze Flight live. The caves are not only home to the Dragons and their followers, but they are also a place where tunnels exist in the past, where the most significant events in the history of Azeroth took place. Battle of Mount Hyjal, Medivh opens the Dark Portal, Thrall”s escape from captivity, Arthas clears Stratholme. The Infinity Dragons are constantly trying to change the history of Azeroth and invade the past. The Bronze Flock does not hesitate to help mercenaries to stop their sworn enemies (although there are rumors that the Infinity Dragons are a Bronze Flock from the future).


No less mysterious is the gateway to Uldum, the fifth Titan city in Azeroth. Now these gates are sealed and it is not possible to pass through them. Travelers who managed to go beyond the mountains in the Uldum region said that there was nothing beyond the sea and where the gates lead could not be said with certainty. Others say that the sea is just an illusion created by the magic of the Titans and there, behind the gates, there is a valley with cities and temples of the Creators.


Through the Tanaris Desert (and only through it) transit routes also lie to another mysterious place where the Titans left traces of their stay – Un”Goro Crater, and from there you can get to perhaps the most sinister territory in the south of Kalimdor – Silithus, whose swarms got to Tanaris.


There are mountains in the southern part of the desert, and if you manage to cross them, you will find deserted beaches on which turtles crawl. But this is not the last landmass in this part of the planet. If you have an elixir for walking on water, a fast horse and you are devoid of the base fear of being banned from death, then you should try to move further south, where palm trees and silhouettes of rocks can be seen. If you are lucky and the action of the elixir does not end, then you will find the South Seas Islands, which serve as a base for pirates (the port on the east coast is not enough for them).





As you can see, despite the fact that Tanaris is a desert, the place is quite lively. If you dare to come here, then a lot of adventures await you here …

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Speaking about Tanaris, I would like to note that this location is one of the densest in terms of the presence of instances. Zul”Farrak, Battle for Mount Hyjal, “old” Stratholme, “old” Hillsbrad, opening of the Dark Portal – five instances, including one raid one. Considering that another raid for 10/25 people will appear in the “Cataclysm” in the Caverns, Tanaris will definitely hold the palm in terms of the number of instanced zones.

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