How To Get To Yhorm The Giant, Dark Souls 3: Profaned Capital To Yhorm The Giant

PREPARE TO DIE LESS Your journey through Lothric doesn”t end here. Be sure to check out the rest of”s Dark Souls 3 guide , which offers everything from tips for beginners and returning masochists to detailed walkthroughs of every area — including all of the secret, bonus content.

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Profaned Capital bonfire


Head back up to the roof of the temple. On the left side — the side closest to the stairs — look at the wall in front of you. You will see an open window. Run and jump off the edge of the roof and you will land inside the room there. Continue up the stairs to the closed gate.


Use the Old Cell Key you picked up in Irithyll Dungeon to unlock it. Inside, you’ll find your old friend Siegward of Catarina and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, which increases item discovery.


Retrace your steps to the roof of the temple. Drop onto the stairs you just jumped over and take them up. At the top of the stairs, there are two invisible Jailers waiting for you to pass. Attack the air to draw them out.


When they’re handled, continue following the path to the left. Take it all the way to the end to find the Jailer’s Key Ring.

From here, you can drop into the area of Irithyll Dungeon with all the rats where you fought the Giant earlier. While this is technically optional, we’re going to go this way to pick up some items previously unreachable and to free an NPC. If you’re not interested, work your way back to the Profaned Capital bonfire and we’ll meet you there in a minute.


Clear out the rats — either with ranged attacks or by dropping in and getting your hands dirty — and then exit through the tunnel on your left. Take the elevator you find there up to the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire.


Start retracing your steps through the Irithyll Dungeon. The first door you can open now is right in the first hallway. The cell on right-hand side on the end will unlock with the Jailer’s Key Ring, getting you a Rusted Coin.


Turn right at the end of the hall and continue along to the staircase on the right. At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find another locked door on your left. Use the Jailer’s Key Ring again to get inside and pick up the Prisoner Chief’s Ashes which will unlock a few new items with the Shrine Handmaid, including Karla’s Armor Set — a lightweight set with good curse protection.


Continue the rest of the way down to the bottom floor of the dungeon. Head to the lycanthrope’s cell, then turn right. Unlock the cell you find on your left to free Karla. After you talk to her and she heads to Firelink Shrine, you can talk to her there to learn Pyromancies, Sorceries and Miracles.

Now you can return to the Profaned Capital bonfire and pick up the critical path.

While standing on the large wood platform with the bonfire, look at the leftmost hole in the wall; there”s a ladder at that hole. Go down the ladder and cross the bridge close by. There”s another Headless Gargoyle as well as Jailer Handmaids launching fireballs from a distance. Whether you choose to confront the demon or not, your next destination is the other end of the bridge. Grab the Onislayer Greatarrow on the bridge and the Soul at the other end of the bridge.


When inside, take care of the four Handmaids on your left, then another Headless Gargoyle as you go down the hallway. Though the Handmaids look like Jailers, they’re much much easier to deal with, provided you don’t let them crowd you. They’re particularly slow with their dagger stabs.


At the four way intersection, you have more Handmaids and another Headless Gargoyle at the far end. When you’re there, grab the Ember from the chest and take out the Mimic, who will drop a Rusted Gold Coin.

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Right of the intersection are four Handmaids by the flaming fountain. After taking out the Handmaids, check the bridge beyond the fountain for two Rusted Coins.


Your final destination in this area is to your left at the intersection, an encounter with the next boss, Yhorm the Giant.

Yhorm the Giant boss fight

Short version: Grab the Storm Ruler.

Tactics (first phase): Technically, Yhorm can be defeat by using whatever weapon you”ve relied on up to this point, but to make this fight significantly easier, run to the right side of Yhorm”s throne and grab a new weapon, the Storm Ruler. Distance yourself from Yhorm so you can equip the Storm Ruler.

Hold the weapon with two hands and activate the Storm Ruler”s weapon skill. The skill has two intensity settings, so you can deal more damage if you can charge the weapon for a couple seconds more. Use the giant”s slow movements to create openings for these Storm Ruler attacks, which should involve getting behind Yhorm by going between its legs. With its back toward you, charge and unleash the Storm Ruler”s skill attack.

Yhorm uses its blade not unlike the two-handed saw wielder in the Undead Settlement. That means you should look out for single-handed downward strikes, often in a diagonal path and two-handed chops where Yhorm is holding its blade lengthwise. In other words, there”s little value being in front of Yhorm. The exception is during its single-handed downward strike, which can be avoided if you”re directly in front of him, to the extent that you”re practically under Yhorm.

Tactics (second phase): Yhorm will become inflamed after its health is down to 50%. Its attacks remain the same except that they”re executed faster this time. Yhorm also uses a circle-shaped flaming knockback attack. You don”t have to be especially vigilant in anticipating this move as it takes off little to no health. Continue using the Storm Ruler”s skill attack until you”ve defeated the boss.

Yhorm the Giant bonfire


Defeating Yhorm the Giant will automatically fast travel you back to the church at the bottom of High Wall of Lothric. This is also assuming you’ve already defeated Aldrich. Talk to Emma again. She will dissolve and you will be given the Basin of Vows. Placing the basin at the statue in front of you will trigger the next boss battle, so be sure to visit the Firelink Shrine first if you need to level up.


Dancer of the Boreal Valley boss fight

Short version

Avoid the Dancer”s right side, then prepare for the spin attack.

Tactics (first phase)

Be prepared to move sideways almost constantly to keep up with The Dancer”s persistent strafing motions, especially since you should prioritize the Dancer”s rear as a weakpoint. Also take advantage of the column with the spiral staircase as a temporary barrier if you need time to reenhance weapons or heal.

Don”t be fooled by its free right hand. Avoid it at all times since its grab-and-stab attack is one of the Dancer”s more powerful moves. Blocking is a slightly more effective defense than rolling when it comes to the Dancer”s various sweeping blade attacks. Also watch out for circular flame attacks, both in the forms of shockwaves and brief firewalls created by the Dancer”s sword.

Tactics (second phase)

When you”ve gotten the Dancer”s health down to about 60 percent it will conjure a second blade from the ground. The good news is that the grab-and stab attack is no longer in play. The bad news is that the Dancer now has a lethal spin attack that features up to eight deadly rotations. This attack is mostly blockable; the alternative is to run to the end of the map opposite the Dancer to avoid the move entirely. Dancer is vulnerable for two to three hits if it is dipping its second sword into the ground, creating a dark smoke. Just be ready for a damaging shockwave at the end of this move. Again keep away from its front; one of the Dancer”s most painful attack involves an underhand strike with both blades.

Dancer of the Boreal Valley bonfire


Attempt to place the Basin of Vows the second time to bring down the ladder in front of you. This will give you access to the next area along the critical path, Lothric Castle.

You don”t have to take the critical path, though. You can head to Anor Londo first.

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