Ive literally done zero study on arch, i didnt even understand the bit shovels showed up on the human being map til i was lvl 50 lol.Anywho, i am currently lvl 500 arch and also have decided to go for the tol"vir mount. What i have been doing digging all the sites in kalimdor and establishing my hearth in uldum, hearthing ago once they display up on the map (unmuch less tright here is a dig site cshed to where i am).Am i doing this right? It appears this might take an extremely long time at this pace, specifically if RNG is versus me and i dont gain dig sites to pop up in uldum.Any tips appreciated!
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its a grind, and random, i understand some guys that obtained it after 15 solves, i know some that gained it at 1500, personally i got mine at 401 solves .buy tolvir tokens and save digging. Nothing more to it.Gl !, its worth it.

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I just tried avoiding the long travels just favor you did basicly having a optimal and also bottom component and also tried to remain in them till I had 3-4 digsites dvery own in or cshed to uldum.If you"re horde I"m not certain however HS to org via portal to uldum could be quicker considering that you deserve to usage it to go ago approximately the top aobtain. Other than that simply to fly away and via the adjust to arch to provide you even more pieces / digwebsite must be a little less complicated.

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Pretty much this. Set you HS to Org/SW and also usage the Hyjall/Uldum portals to get around conveniently from one end to the various other. I usually ended sessions by doing Uldum, so by the moment I began aobtain I"d the majority of likely have actually no sites tbelow. So I"d always begin in Hyjall and also go to the nearest website, then simply store going to the nearemainder one till you are either closer to Uldum then any kind of other dig website, or have at least 3 digs in Uldum. Usually it was faster to fly a short distance to Uldum and when done tbelow take HS house and also portal to Hyjall aget then using HS to acquire to Uldum and also having to fly to the nearest dig site.Good luck though, mount is rare, and also it"s a hefty RNG based profession.

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Good suggest, guess i forobtained hyjal was in the exact same continent lol.I havent handled a grind like this considering that timbermaw in vanilla lol, i was server initially exalted. If i obtain the mount before MoP hits ill be happy :P
Ive literally done zero research on arch, i didnt also understand the bit shovels proved up on the civilization map til i was lvl 50 lol.Anythat, i am now lvl 500 arch and also have chose to go for the tol"vir mount. What i have been doing digging all the sites in kalimdor and also establishing my hearth in uldum, hearthing ago when they show up on the map (unless tright here is a dig website cshed to wright here i am).Am i doing this right? It appears this can take an extremely lengthy time at this pace, specifically if RNG is against me and also i dont obtain dig sites to pop up in uldum.Any tips appreciated!
You"re doing it right! Although switch to uldum as shortly one pops up. even one is cshed, not going straight to uldum will certainly offer you one digsite less to pop tright here. Even one is close, just stop it, by going to uldum and also doing arch there even more will pop up ultimately.I heard in MoP arch in pandaland also will be very basic and also quick and also you can profession artifacts for tol"vir artifacts which actually could be 10x more reliable if you"re only after the mount.some tips, if shaguy, glyph your astral recallI"d put hs near the portal in your city or deepholm (portals -> hyal and also uldum).If you have actually ring of dalaran (30min cd) you have actually an additional portal to tanaris.tabard of TB, potion of deepholm, cloak of coord -> added stuff to travel rapid to portals when hs is on cd.design also has a teleporter to either winterspring or tanaris.Also having actually tomtom or somepoint is nice but not mandatory, you can not really go afk with the different heights as soon as switching areas.Also have team will certainly travel has actually been reput through "ride favor the wind" (+25% rise in speed), so taking a flight path ain"t that negative and enables you to do something even more entertaining in in between the digging.Good luck! I personally hate it. I opened 6jars for which i farmed 30-40h after i might dig for tol"vir fragments without a drake recipe. I realized what a waste of time it was and never been digging after that (which is currently more than a year go >.

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