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X-ray mods in Minecraft allow players to quickly identify precious items hidden deep underground. This includes rare ores, secret chests, underground dungeons, and other notable items.

X-ray mods make common blocks such as dirt, stone, and gravel completely invisible, thus leaving behind only valuables for players to see.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition players can easily install X-ray mods to their game with only one simple download. This guide will explain exactly how to install and use an X-ray mod in Pocket Edition.

How can Minecraft Pocket Edition players install and use an X-ray mod?

Installing the X-ray mod:

Step 1.)

Using the device that the X-ray mod will be installed on, players can visit the website linked below and download the mod.

X-ray texture pack mod download

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Players should be sure to scroll down the page to download the “Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition” version, as seen below:

This is the version pocket edition that players will want to download

Step 2.)

Now that the mod has been downloaded to the desired device, players must import the file into Minecraft. The process slightly varies depending on the device being used.

Here are the steps to import the file into Minecraft for iPhone (IOS) users:

  1. After downloading the texture pack, navigate to the “Files” app.
  2. Inside this app, go to the “Downloads” tab, press and hold down on the downloaded x-ray texture pack file.
  3. A menu should pop up. Press the “move” option.
  4. Move the X-ray pack file into the folder found in: On my iPhone -> Minecraft -> games -> wtbblue.comng -> resource_packs

Here are the steps to import the file into Minecraft for Android users:

  1. After downloading the X-ray pack, open the “Downloads” folder.
  2. Select the X-ray texture pack and press the button with 3 dots labeled “More” in the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Press the option “Open As” and click on “Other.”
  4. Select Minecraft and press “This time only.”

Step 3.)

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If everything has been done correctly thus far, the texture pack will be installed. It now just needs to be enabled.

To enable the X-ray texture pack mod, players should first tap the “Settings” button in the Minecraft main menu.

Players need to select the

They should then scroll down to the “Global Resources” tab and select the “My Packs” option. This allows the freshly downloaded X-ray texture pack to be activated.

If all has been done correctly, players can activate the X-ray texture pack in this menu (Image via YouTube, FryBry)

Step 4.)

Once the pack has been activated, players can jump into a single-player or multiplayer game exactly as normal. They should notice the X-ray pack automatically activated and ready for usage.

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