How To Give Money In Minecraft Server, Essentials Money Give Command

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I don”t know how to give a player money whenever they kill someone else with commands. I want it for my server. How can I do this?


First you would need to create a scoreboard to keep track of when a player kills another player. Run this command once to create a scoreboard that goes up by one every time a player kills another player.

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/scoreboard objectives add pvpKill playerKillCountThen on a clock run these two commands to give a player a diamond when they have a kill, and then reset their player kill score

a pvpKill 1If you”re creating a virtual currency you would need to run this command once too

/scoreboard objectives add money dummyRun this once for each player to give them a starting score of 0 (assuming they”re not all online at the same time)

/scoreboard players add
a money 0Then instead of the earlier two commands on a clock, run these two commands on a clock. This will give them 1 virtual dollar for every player they kill, but you could easily change the first command below from 1 to 100 or whatever you want to add.

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/scoreboard players add


I have a suspicion that you”re thinking of the money that you check with the /balance command, which is NOT part of vanilla minecraft, and CANNOT be done with commands. If this is what you mean by “money”, the way to do this is by using a spigot/bukkit server with the Vault plugin and a Mob Kill counting plugin installed. If you don”t have spigot, you can try what the other answers are suggesting, but I”m not sure if you”ll get what you”re looking for.

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