How To Go Fullscreen In Minecraft, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Fullscreen Mode

I like fullscreen, but it”s annoyingwhen I need to tab out to another window or just interact with another window at all. Borderless Windowed Mode is a standard graphics setting and one I”d like to see make its way into Is this a possibility and is there any chance of this happening, seeing as it has yet to happen.

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This worked fine up until 1.13, the JVM argument:-Dorg.lwjgl.opengl.Window.undecorated=true does no longer work after 1.13+It works great in 1.12.2 and it”s a feature that I really miss… it”s annoying when is blinking because you are going between windows.


I just found the JVM argument on a forum post and was bummed to see it didn”t work… then I found this page.

And yes, I HATE the blinking of when you deselect it. It”s especially annoying with multiple monitors, as it affects all of them.

I too have wanted to see Fullscreen (Windowed) also known asBorderless Window for quite some time now. My main reasoning for this is when I record videos. Currently, when I record a video, the game screen is not quite matching the size of my screen, and so in OBS, I have to center it. But this still leaves empty space at the top and bottom of the video. It”s not much, but it would be much better if I could run in a Borderless Window.But I don”t want to have to resort to a mod, as that just complicates the process, where a more permanent solution would be a simple setting native to the game.


This needs to happen. If I select Fullscreen with Windows 10 (I have HDR enabled) it does NOT play in HDR mode. However if I get a notification of any kind (through Windows, Discord, Achievement etc) my display flashes, shows a fullscreen version of (using HDR windows setting) just fine and then flashes and reverts back when the notification leaves.

Please. PLEASE.

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I desperately need to have a Borderless Window option. I just hate the blink to black when I alt + tab out of the application. It”s kind of silly that a game of such popularity doesn”t even have such a common display mode haha.

I”m over a year late to this but this would be a great addition. I”m shocked it hasn”t happened already, Fullscreen just makes it annoying to Alt+Tab into another window.

ngl. new player to MC. but, borderless windowed IS there. If you”ve got the launcher, just edit the resolution in the settings of the game within the launcher.

Not sure why nobody here is mentioning it.

Running Java Edition if that matters.

Wow I never thought about how useful this would be until now. THIS IS A MUST!! especially for dual-monitor users like myself

I am baffled as to why this is not a thing yet.

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On Bedrock Edition when you tab out in fullscreen it disconnects you from the server for whatever reason. A borderless windowed mode would fix this.

Yes! We very much need it! Trying to create content in fullscreen is not possible, which limits me to 720p, or have the game get slightly stretched. Additionally, I”m testing the resolution edit. The results are that it is still a bordered window

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