how to grind champions of azeroth rep

The Champions of Azeroth is a new neutral faction in Battle For Azeroth, granting players extra item levels to the Heart of Azeroth neck. Hitting Revered with this faction is a component of Azerothian Diplomat (a component of Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One). Exalted rewards Champions of Azeroth which counts towards 100 Exalted Reputations.”s Completion Tool

Not sure what achievement criteria you have left for Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One?

Simply go to, hit Load Character, enter in character info, and see what you still have to complete!

Champions of Azeroth Paragon Reputation

Starting in patch 8.1, players may now earn Paragon reputation with Champions of Azeroth. Paragon reputation allows players to earn reputation beyond Exalted, rewarding players with Champions of Azeroth Supplies for every 10.000 reputation afterwards. The cache contains extra Azerite, and random items. There is also a chance for the cache to contain Azerite Firework Launcher.

Champions of Azeroth Rewards

The Quartermaster is Magni Bronzebeard who can be found at (42.2, 44.2) in Silithus. Take a Silithus portal from your Zuldazar / Boralus hub to get here quickly.

Honored with Champions of Azeroth


Drape of the Azerothian Champion

Revered with Champions of Azeroth


Drop of Azerite
Polished Pet Charmx200

Shard of Azerite
Polished Pet Charmx100

Exalted with Champions of Azeroth


Azerothian Champion”s Crown
Cloth Armor

Vest of the Azerothian Champion
Leather Armor

Azerothian Champion”s Spaulders
Mail Armor

Helm of the Azerothian Champion
Plate Armor

Champions of Azeroth Tabard

Heart of Azeroth Rewards from Champions of Azeroth

As of patch 8.2, there is no longer a reputation requirement to power up the Heart of Azeroth. Instead, players must now complete the Naz”jatar campaign up to Harnessing the Power to automatically power up their neck to level 70.

Find out more in our Heart of Azeroth Guide or Essence Overview Guide.

How to Gain Reputation with Champions of Azeroth

Gaining reputation with Champions of Azeroth is relatively simple: Complete world quests associated with this faction on Zandalar and Kul”tiras. You can unlock world quests by reaching level 120 and completing Uniting Kul Tiras or Uniting Zandalar as part of the War Campaign.

World Quests spawn at different times for max-level players that have completed Uniting Kul Tiras or Uniting Zandalar. Regardless of difficulty, world quests award a flat 75 reputation before buffs. During the World Quest Bonus Event in Battle For Azeroth, players get bonus reputation with the appropriate faction via Sign of the Emissary.

All of these World Quests involve the player recovering Azerite from different sources including Miners, Elementals, and Rare Elites! The Azerite you recover goes directly into your Heart of Azeroth. These World Quests can spawn in any of the six BFA zones.

See which reputation quests are active on”s World Quest tracking page.

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Contract: Champions of Azeroth – New to Battle For Azeroth, contracts are items created by scribes which allow players to earn 10 bonus rep with the desired BFA faction when completing world quests in any Battle For Azeroth zone where world quests are available. Additionally, contracts exist for all Battle For Azeroth reputations and the only requirement to use a contract is to be friendly with the corresponding rep.


Continuing in Battle For Azeroth, emissaries will still be a part of daily world content. Each day, players will receive an emissary quest (located on the in-game map) from 1 of the 7 reputations players have access to. In order to complete emissary quests, players must complete 4 world quests, that by default, awards reputation with the corresponding faction. Upon completion, players will be awarded 1,500 reputation with the faction whose emissary quest they completed. The emissary quest associated with this reputation is Champions of Azeroth.

Island Expeditions:

New to Battle For Azeroth is a feature called Island Expeditions. When completing island expeditions on ANY difficulty, players have a low chance to receive items that can be redeemed for 250 reputation with the faction the item corresponds to as well as various cosmetic rewards such as toys, pets, and mounts. The reputation item associated with this faction is Azeroth”s Tear. This Item is turned in at Magni Bronzebeard at (42,44) in Silithus. You can learn more about rewards from Island Expeditions in Nightswifty”s Island Expedition Rewards Guide.

Mission Table:

Periodically, new missions will pop up on the Mission Table with varying rewards. Some missions will reward Champions of Azeroth reputation with a bonus objective of 150 Champions of Azeroth.

Alterac ScoutingDarkshore DrillingRecapture Silverwind Refuge

Deeps ScoutingLordamere LakeRecapture Silverwind Refuge

Reputation Boosts

Darkmoon Faire:

The Darkmoon Faire offers valuable reputation buffs: Darkmoon Top Hat and WHEE!. These do not stack; each increases experience and reputation by 10% for an hour.

World Quest Event:

In Battle For Azeroth, while the World Quest Bonus Event event is active, completing World Quests in Kul”tiras and Zandalar award 50% bonus reputation with the appropriate faction.

Impressive Influence Bonus:

As a second installment in their response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Blizzard is offering Impressive Influence, a 100% reputation boost, from April 20 through May 18, 2020. This boost is account wide and will be applied to all characters who log in during this time.
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Comment by vpuh

I heard that with every lvl of Champions of Azeroth reputation friendly/honored/revered, item lvl of your Heart of Azeroth neck increases by 15.Is that true?

Comment by Rossmallo

I”ve never seen a faction reputation as necessary to grind as this one, given the fact that if you ignore it, you”ll be constantly behind others due to the reduced Ilevel.

I”m honestly okay with this, it”s an interesting concept.

Comment by LTTaffy

Huh, they made Inscription pretty relevant this time around!

Comment by gankhill

Anyone else not get a quest pop-up at Friendly? I”m almost at Revered by now.

Edit: I was able to pick up the quest by going to Silithus (don”t forget the portal in Dazar”alor/whatever boring place alliance has) and talking to Magni

Comment by gunsotsu

darkmoon fair buff is pretty useless tbh..especially without flying. like the hat is ok cuz you can get to quests and pop it on..but wheee..useless. even useless while leveling. 1 hour buff? the time you get to where you need to be to benefit from the buff usually you have lost 15-30 minutes on it. poinltess. should be removed from game. essentially just riding the carousel for no reason.

Comment by Danstone

there is a low chance to get an item from island expeditions (heroic mode, mythic or pvp) that gives you 250 rep Azeroth”s Tear

Comment by Incandio

I turned Friendly and received no quest. But I took the portal to Silithus anyway and a peculiar diamond dwarf had the quest available.

For some reason though he was putting on this really outrageous caricature of a Scottish accent. I don”t know what it is with Azeroth that she forms these bonds with jokers like this dwarf!

Comment by juanderboy

is it confirmed that when reaching exalted they don”t give us +15 ilvls to the neck?

Comment by Jetstream

Regardless of difficulty, world quests award a flat 75 reputation before buffs.

I”ve observed that Champions of Azeroth World Quests appear to award 125 Reputation. I don”t have any particular buff running. Forsaken character.

Comment by Kendrubbin

I hit Exalted today hoping for a quest, or anything really, and all that happens is you can buy the tabard/355 azerite piece. No dialogue or anything.

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Comment by Willowwhisp

One thing bothers me which is that when you reach exalted, nothing happens. No applause at all from anyone, including Magni. Like, a nice note or a pat on the back would be nice. The helm I could purchase is already too low level to use because I got a drop from Doom”s Howl. I bought it for the transmog. It was a very sad feeling. Dammit, Magni, give me a party or something. A cutscene.

Comment by Willowwhisp

One thing bothers me which is that when you reach exalted, nothing happens. No applause at all from anyone, including Magni. Like, a nice note or a pat on the back would be nice. The helm I could purchase is already too low level to use because I got a drop from Doom”s Howl. I bought it for the transmog. It was a very sad feeling. Dammit, Magni, give me a party or something. A cutscene.

Comment by Antommy

You get nothing when you get to exalted. Just a low level head gear and a tabard.

Comment by Pyra0128

Yea its pretty crumby all the "hype" for this rep,with no end reward besides vendor items. Yes a beloved tabard, but the gear offered is way to low by the time you get it to be as valuable vs the beginning of BFA when we first seen it. You get neck upgrades (15 ilvls) through each rep level but not the max? In the back of my head without looking I literally just finish grinding 177 rep doing 17WQ”s
10 rep to then realize, I really could have just waited and done a quest tomorrow and if its for champions and rolled over NBD. Sorry
Blizzard pretty disappointed with this one. For me the "casual" player I haven”t "grinded" anything this time around in BFA I do currently raid and reached a 367 ilvl…."casually". How would this long awaited rep reward of a 355 trash piece be ok? boooo i just wanna cry! ***WAAAAAA***** πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› <3

Comment by Rawergasm

The Alt increase isn”t currently showing up on the map in silithus. but it”s there waiting for you at the Champions of azeroth emissary. once your alt has reached 120. fly to silithus and talk to the emissary. the quests to upgrade the heart of azeroth will be listed. The quests available will be based on the highest reputation gain with this faction server wide.

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Comment by Jetstream

Note, the Reputation quests to increase your Heart”s item level have been removed at this point. Now you have to complete the initial Nazjatar quests and you”ll get the upgrades when you do the Heartforge questline.

Comment by Varena

It was not obvious to me, but the questlines involving Visions of N”Zoth and The Black Empire Campaign are quests associated with Champions of Azeroth. These questlines gave me a good amount of reputation for Champions of Azeroth. Before I realized this I was grinding World Quests for reputation. Happy questing!

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