how to grow a tree underground in minecraft

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Can trees grow without sunlight?

Ok, so I”m trying to plant this tree underground and it”s surrounded by torches and directly under a 4×4 sky light. It”s a normal sapling on 5 deep dirt. I”ve used like, 10 bonemeals on it and it isn”t working.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Hello, CtK, and welcome to Arqade! Unfortunately, your question is quite vague – are you sure the tree has enough room? Trees can only grow if they have enough room to do so. Would it be possible to provide a screenshot of your situation? – Raven Dreamer Sep 30 “12 at 1:06

Trees need 7 blocks above them to grow, depending on sapling type. They also have a minimum horizontal requirement as well. Hollow out more space. If you use bonemeal and nothing happens, then you don”t have enough space.

It's worth adding even more height, in my opinion, so you can get huge type trees. Also, a torch directly next to the sapling will provide sufficient light. – Joe Dovahkiin Sep 30 “12 at 1:38
I should point out that sometimes if a tree can be nothing but big (because of tree farms or terrain) it takes more than one bonemeal to make it grow. – Ender Sep 30 “12 at 9:58

JonathanDrain I personally like to keep the height low enough so big trees can't grow, because they're such a pain to harvest. It's personal preference, really. – Invader Skoodge Sep 30 “12 at 11:37
I have had trees require significantly more than 10 bonemeal to grow if the growth area is highly constrained. – John Sep 30 “12 at 23:28
If you're building an indoor tree-farm and worried about tree height, why not build a balcony (into the wall, so as not to obstruct growing height) so you can walk straight onto the top of the tree from there? – Robotnik♦ Oct 11 “12 at 4:31

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