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Things take time in Minecraft; this especially applies to growing trees or crops. However, unlike most things, there is a way you can make trees grow faster with an item called bonemeal.

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How to make trees grow faster with bonemeal in Minecraft

To make trees grow faster in Minecraft, you need an item called bonemeal; you will also need a sapling, which you can get from chopping trees down with an ax. You can get bonemeal by either grinding it down from bones, bone blocks or making a composter; we recommend the composter route as there are many items you can turn into bonemeal.

Once you get the bonemeal, follow the steps below to make a tree grow faster in Minecraft.

Step one:Place the sapling on the ground; one thing you should note is that some saplings like Dark oak saplings won”t grow unless placed in shady places. Step two:Put the bonemeal in your hotbar, and use your interaction key on the sapling; it might take more than one bonemeal, so keep doing it until the tree fully grows.

You can use these steps to grow all of the tree saplings in Minecraft, including warped and crimson fungus, into fully grown trees. But for both funguses, you will need to be in the Nether for them to grow.

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If you are wondering what kinds of tree saplings you can grow or where to find them, the list below has all of the saplings in the game and where you can find them.

Oak Saplings: You can get oak saplings from Oak trees in Forest, Extreme Hills, Swampland, and Mesa Plateau biomes Spruce Saplings: You can get spruce saplings from Spruce trees in the Taiga biome Jungle Saplings: As the name suggests, you can find jungle Saplings from Jungle trees in the Jungle biome. Bitch Saplings: Birch saplings can be found dropping from Birch trees when they are chopped down in the Forest biome. Acacia Saplings: To get acacia saplings, you will need to find Acacia trees, which spawn in the Savanna biome. Dark Oak Saplings: To get dark oak saplings, you need to chop down Dark Oak Trees; You can find these in the Dark Oak Forest biome. Warped Fungus: To get a warped fungus, you need to locate a Warped Forest in the Nether and chop down a Warped tree Crimson Fungus: To get a crimson fungus, you need to locate a Crimson Forest in the Nether and chop down a Crimson tree.

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