I've never before seen anyone obtaining his Facebook, Twitter or Steam account actually hacked. However, once it involves Minecraft, I've checked out dozens of customers everywhere getting their accounts hacked and their names adjusted. How is this so common? Why does Mojang not resolve this? How can individuals prevent this? I haven't seen this amount of stolen accounts on any kind of various other game. The first point that concerned my mind is that they played on some no premium server and also that the admin saw their password through the auth plugin, however my friends told me they've never played on a no premium server so I have actually no clue on why this happens.

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I have actually no evidence on this yet I'm going to take an excellent guess:

Minecraft account user age skews lower, so you're going to find a lot more youngsters falling for phishing and also such.

"Why does Mojang not deal with it"

I guarantee that 99.99999% accounts gain hacked bereason they use a stupid password favor a birth date

Bad passwords, low security, straightforward passwords on email and also whatnot. Simple stuff favor that. Or a experienced babsence hat hacker can gain with with a lot of stuff :)

I’ve had many players have these issues as well. I constantly ask them what they think taken place. The 2 many widespread issues are 1. Someone they understand knew the password & 2. They purchased their mc account on eBay.

My guess is that world go via database leaks and test each email+password in the mojang website until they discover a working pair. I think this occurred to me once my account was hacked not so lengthy back, the majority of likely because the password was old and re-supplied. Due to the fact that then, I've supplied a password manager to randomise my passwords.

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I'm not an skilled yet commonly it comes to negative passwords and doing not have a great 2fa system. Question and answer is a bad 2fa imo and it's just offered when changing little stuff like skin or username, not while logging in the launcher

Tright here are many malicious websites out tbelow that promise stuff for Minecraft if you log in through your account.The average user is extremely young or the parental fees are not the a lot of technology savvy world around. So the amount of effective phishing is more than likely fairly high.Add that to the fact that many kind of world still usage the same password for eexceptionally account they own, including the regain email account itself, and you acquired yourself quite the tarobtain for a promising social engineering attack, as it is called in IT Security.

I hate that this is dubbed "hacked account" because in the finish it boils down to abmaking use of tech illiteracy and has nothing to execute through an account actually being hacked right into.

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If you handed out several tricks to your home in a shopping mall bereason some random men in costumes came over and also shelp "hi, we are your front door, secrets please!" and then someone comes over and also takes all your belongings, no judge in this human being would certainly speak to that a housebreaking. I think the majority of would certainly contact you stupid.But considering that we're talking about "the internet" everything deserve to be blamed on the technology and every stupid activity will certainly be blamed on "hacking".

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