How To Harvest Coral In Minecraft How To Make A Coral Reef, Revive Dead Coral

Where to Find a Coral Reef

In Minecraft, a coral reef is a structure that spawns naturally in the game. It a colorful underwater structure that is filled with coral, plants and tropical fish. It is found in the Warm Ocean biome.

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Here is a picture of what a coral reef looks like:


The coral reef is made up of blue, pink, purple, red and yellow coral as well as lots of sand, seagrass, sea pickles, and beautifully colored tropical fish.

Types of Coral

In Minecraft, there are coral blocks, coral fans, and coral in the coral reef. Here are the different types of coral that you can find in the coral reef:

Coral Blocks

Tube Coral Block


Brain Coral Block


Bubble Coral Block


Fire Coral Block


Horn Coral Block

Coral Fans

Tube Coral Fan


Brain Coral Fan


Bubble Coral Fan


Fire Coral Fan


Horn Coral Fan


Tube Coral


Brain Coral


Bubble Coral


Fire Coral


Horn Coral

Types of Tropical Fish

Here are 22 different types of tropical fish that you can find swimming in the coral reef.

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Orange-White Kob (Tropical Fish)

Red-White Kob (Tropical Fish)

Red-White Blockfish (Tropical Fish)

Red-White Betty (Tropical Fish)

Orange-LightGray Clayfish (Tropical Fish)
LightBlue-Lime­ Brinely (Tropical Fish)
LightBlue-Pink Spotty (Tropical Fish)
LightBlue-Gray SunStreak (Tropical Fish)
Yellow-LightGray Flopper (Tropical Fish)
Yellow-LightGray Spotty (Tropical Fish)
Yellow Stripey (Tropical Fish)
Purple-Yellow Blockfish (Tropical Fish)
Cyan-Pink Dasher (Tropical Fish)
Gray-LightGray Glitter (Tropical Fish)
Gray-LightGray Dasher (Tropical Fish)
Gray-LightGray Brinely (Tropical Fish)
Orange-Gray Stripey (Tropical Fish)
Gray Flopper (Tropical Fish)
Blue-Gray SunStreak (Tropical Fish)
LightGray-Gray SunStreak (Tropical Fish)
Red-LightGray Clayfish (Tropical Fish)
Red-Gray Snooper (Tropical Fish)

Coral Reef Seeds

You can use a seed to create a world where you spawn near a Coral Reef:

Coral Reef Seeds (Java Edition)
Coral Reef Seeds (Bedrock Edition)


Explore this amazing Coral Reef seed in the Minecraft Aquatic Update (Java Edition 1.13).

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Watch this video as we take a look at the 22 different types of tropical fish in the new Aquatic Update (Java Edition 1.13)!


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