How To Hide Armor In Minecraft ? : Minecraft Hide Armor Option

Is there a way to hide armor so that the skin displays over or instead of the armor on the newest version of minecraft without modding?


I mostly play on xbox. Is that method possible on this platform.

Đang xem: How to hide armor in minecraft

I was hoping for just an option to toggle server wide or somthing. I could of swore the option was somewhere.

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No toggle available, but I agree. I'm definitely gonna send them the suggestion.

Yeah, potholedsea40 has the only solution I can think of. Gonna take a bit. Either follow this tutorial and make a resource pack, and make it remove the armor texturemap. Or might find one that someone has made already?

Then, either way, once you have it done, you'll need another version of bedrock on pc or mobile. Upload it to the alternative version, then make a new world and in resource packs tab, at the top, check the box that says “Require players to accept resource packs before they join”

Then join that same world on your xbox, and itll download the pack.

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