How To Hide Tabard Wow – Can I Hide The Celebration Xp Tabard

How many of you would like to see the option to toggle on/off the display of your Tabard? I think that since they have the option for helm and cloak, they need the option for the tabard in there. My main desire to have this is transmog and the negative effects that my tabard can have on my gear, especially the guild tabard. I really don”t want to sport my guild tabard everywhere I go, but I have to for the increase in xp. So, curious if this has been considered/desired in the past.

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Should be, but then tabards might as well just be a window you bring up, select a tabard and employ a unique buff on yourself from your list of tabard and eliminate them as an item all together.
If you asked in TBC, I”d have answered “HELL, NO!”But after having “forcibly” worn the butt-ugly tabards for the Kirin Tor and Therazane (plus all the other, less ugly, rep tabards) instead of the tabards I worked for and wanted, I”d like to be allowed not to watch.Also, plate skirts/robes + tabards, nu-uh.

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The problem with tabards (Other than some have gawd-awful aesthetics that clash with anything you wear) is that when you wear a kilt/robes/etc, the bottom half gets cut off, and then you have this… sleeveless t-shirt looking thing that completely ruins the look of your outfit.That”s why I would lurrrrrv the ability to hide my tabard.

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You can tough it out wearing an ugly tabard to rep grind for what like less than week?what we really need is a tabards tab!
Tabard & Shoulders
.I know that Blizzard”s official stance is they worked hard on those _beautiful_ shoulders but then how to explain the option to hide helmet and cloak by that logic?
Although it doesn”t make much sense, I would like the toggle display on/off option. It doesn”t make sense because I think the whole idea of gaining rep for a tabard is because you”re displaying the colors for whatever faction when you go to battle. If its not displayed, then why gain rep with the faction? Still, I think tabards look absolutely ridiculous tucked into a robe, and are completely counterproductive to transmogrification. There”s a lot of other options I”d be happy with other than a toggle display on/off. For instance, I”d be happy if they had a couple of different color schemes available for each tabard, like kirin tor is purple and gold, or its black with hints of purple and gold, or its gold and purple. Being forced to tuck a purple thing into your transmogrified red robes is no fun though.

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