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Some Minecraft players may be unaware that they can change their skins.

If the player happens to get bored of good o' Steve or Alex, they can easily download a new skin and change it. Changing a Minecraft skin can be done by completing the following instructions.

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Changing a Minecraft skin in 2021

The Skindex

Shown: OR The Skindex (Image via minecraftskins)

The Skindex has historically been the best place to download pretty much any skin players can think of.

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On the Skindex, players will immediately be greeted by the latest and greatest Minecraft skins. These skins are created and edited by other users and then uploaded onto the Skindex. Once on the Skindex, players can find and download the skin of their choice.

Those who are interested in creating their own skins can do so here. The link will take the player to a section in the Skindex where they can get creative, free of charge.

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Change Skin

Shown: Official Minecraft skin changing Web page (Image via Mojang)

After downloading the skin, players will need to go to the official Minecraft website. On the website, players will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Click Log-In in the top right corner of the page
  2. Log-In to Mojang or Microsoft account
  3. Hit the Skin tab in left hand side of Profile
  4. Choose Slim or Classic
  5. Click Upload Skin and browse computer for skin file (check downloads)
  6. Select that file and upload it

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If players follow those instructions correctly, their skins should be loading. Usually it is an instant change, however, it may take a few minutes sometimes. To make sure it has been uploaded correctly, players will need to close and re-open Minecraft.

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