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Are you tired of the same, pixelated graphic effects and looking to shake things up? Shaders Mod 1.16.4 adds tons of aesthetic features to your traditional Minecraft experience, adding detail to things players often look over. When was the last time you stopped what you were doing to take a look at a tree? With GLSL Shaders Mod, you may find yourself taking notice at natural aspects in the game that would otherwise be overlooked. When Minecraft was first established, many players connected with the simple, pixelated graphics and found them to be simple and nostalgic. Now that the game has been around for awhile, even diehard fans are finding themselves looking for a way to renovate their overall experience. While many mods change the way the game is played, Shaders Mod is sure to change the way you look at the game.

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Another factor that separates Shaders Mod from traditional shaders is in the title: Shaders Mod. With this mod, several shaderpacks are added from numerous contributors. Because of this, a player has an incredible amount of customization when it comes to decided how their world should look. While many of the shaders added require a specific set of hardware, some of the shaders are a bit friendlier. Some shaders are available for OSX, Intel graphics cards, OptiFine, Minecraft builds that do not use Forge, computers with low graphics capabilities, and older versions of Minecraft. If anything is to be taken from this mod, keep in mind that it allows for a hands-on approach towards choosing which shaders are used.

Shaders Mod for Minecraft Changelogs

v2.4.12 – Minecraft 1.8

Fixed compatibility with Forge 1486Improved installer a little. Allow installation even if Minecraft 1.8 jar has not been downloaded.

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How to install Shaders Mod?

for Non-Forge version

The first step is to download the installer!Before opening the installer make sure you have closed Minecraft and Minecraft Launcher!Now select the version of the profile and click “OK”.Now open Minecraft Launcher and select the profile that you have selected in the installer.That was all!

for Forge version

Now go to:Windows => %appdata%.minecraftMac OS X => ~/Library/Application Support/minecraftLinux => ~/.minecraftSearch for the “mods” folder.Copy ShadersMod-v2.4.12mc1.XX.jar in mods folder.Open Minecraft Launcher and select Forge profile to be used in the game.That was all!

Info: We recommend to use Optifine Mod, this mod will give you extra performance and has recently introduced support for shaders.

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