How To Keep Minecraft Server Running 24 7 Minecraft Server Free

This is why ‘server grade’ hardware exists. Server specific hardware is built to be operational 24/7 for years on end. This includes ram, hard drives, processors, video cards, motherboards and power supply units.

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Why it’s important to have no downtime

No matter the scale of a service on the web, they need to stay operational to stay competitive. This is why sites like YouTube and Facebook house thousands of servers in different data centers. On the same note, the more assurance a data center can provide that their servers will be running, the more trust they will have from customers.

Thousands of people are operating Minecraft servers and receive compensation in fees, donations or promotion. These servers host players from all over the world and need to be running at all times to consistently to build a user base. While these servers can easily be ran inside of a home, having proper equipment would improve up time. 

Someone who is using a server for a small business will need to be operational at all times in order to ensure that their PoS doesn't go down when trying to process transactions. Because of this, software updates can't be made during business time. Servers will need to stay on overnight for maintenance.

All in all, it's not a question of whether or not servers need to be operational at all times, but rather how.

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Server grade hardware


Having all of these components is not entirely necessary depending on how intensive your server operations are, but you still can benefit from them. For instance, Apple used to sell a ‘server’ version of their Mac Mini which consisted of consumer grade hardware but is adequate for a home business or media server. 

Still, using as many of these components will increase the capability and longevity of your server. Servers can last upwards of 10 years if specialized parts are used, so it might be a good idea to invest in server specific components. 

Location of the server


Office Server Cabinet

Once you have the server built and ready to go, it is important to make sure it is housed in a safe and reliable location. Server racks provide a safe environment to help manage temperature and keep them safe from harm.

Servers create more heat than consumer PCs because they are running constantly. Even if their temperatures don’t peak higher than a laptop, hot air with no exhaust starts to build up and create hot spots. This means if you have your server backed up to a wall in your house without proper ventilation, you may experience hardware failure. 

Using a server rack can help you direct exhaust from the back and push cool air in from the front. Server racks come in all shapes and sizes for home and data center environments.

Cost difference between home and server components 

There are plenty of used servers on the market that will cost less than a gaming PC. At the same time, a new server can cost tens of thousands of dollars if top tier components are used.

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If you are running a home server or hosting servers for a small number of people, going with used hardware will likely be the best options. If your business increasingly depends on server functionality in order to be profitable, it will be worth investing more into a high performing and reliable setup. 

With there being such a great range of options, it's impossible to say that server components cost more than home components. That being said, making sure you do research on the market is important to make sure you are getting what is right for you.

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