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Over the last couple weeks, my boyfriend and I have been playing Minecraft together. For readers unfamiliar with the game, it is a combination survival/sandbox style video game. You must survive in a hostile world, and everything must be sourced from the (blocklike) natural biomes around you. This involves sourcing quite a lot of raw materials, which you then craft into more complex forms. This can become quite complicated, with some superusers creating computers in-game!

In our apartment, my boyfriend has set up a server on a hand-me-down computer, and we've been playing in the same world together. This has been working out well, as we have different interests in the game. He's been focused on mining and crafting, and I've been focused on building our base and farming. However, because he has been collecting and crafting the bulk of our inventory, he has been the one organizing it.

Đang xem: How to label chests in minecraft

Our current organizational system.

You have little choice of how to store superfluous items in Minecraft – large chests are the most common solution, offering 54 spaces for items, many of which may be “stacked” on top of one another, potentially increasing chest capacity to 3,456 items. Chests can not be differentiated from each other by any means other than a label describing its contents.

Quickly, I realized that my boyfriend was organizing our resources and items by their relative importance to his own game-playing style.

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A chest or two is probably one of the first things you build in a new Minecraft world, and any house worth living in has a dedicated storage area that's organised carefully in a system that only its creator fully understands.

Duncan Geere, Minecraft writer

Though this type of organizational system may be sanctioned by Minecraft itself, individualized approaches do not work when creating a shared inventory. I found his chest labels to be vague and rather arbitrary, making it difficult to find items. “Building Items,” I associated more closely with items for building structures rather than items used to craft, and items I considered “Valuables” I found dispersed between “Tools” and “Plants and Whatnot.”

Contents of the chest “Plants and Whatnot,” with my personal inventory at the bottom.

An efficient organizational system in Minecraft is crucial, as the game centers around utilizing your resources. In a multiplayer game, an organizational structure rooted in logic and the definitive characteristics of the item will increase this efficiency. With an optimized system in place, all players using a shared inventory can easily find what they need, regardless of playing style.

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The methodology of organizing one's Minecraft inventory is seemingly endless, and some players spend hours tweaking their systems. In the end, the most efficient system is the system that works best for you (and your player 2).

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