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I have built an iron farm somewhere far away from my actual spawn chunks in my single player world. In hindsight, this was a dumb idea, but I can”t exactly change it anymore. I”d like to keep the thing running all the time, so I”m looking for a way to keep the chunks loaded.

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I”m running minecraft 1.12.1, is it possible at the moment? I have looked at some chunk loader mods, but chicken chunk loader hasn”t been updated yet, and the others simply didn”t work.

I have tried moving the spawn chunks, but that hasn”t done anything either.

Edit: I have worked this out with IronAnvil, and it ended up being a render setting in optifine which didn”t load them correctly somehow. It has been working fine after I reset my optifine settings to default.


Since you are ok with setting the spawn chunks, I recommend that as the easiest solution.

The command: setworldspawn .

One thing to note from the wiki:

Although spawn chunks are usually kept loaded at all times, new spawn chunks won”t be loaded by this command until a player moves within range. Compasses (which in Minecraft point to the world spawn rather than north) will also not update to the change until the world is reloaded.


Good news, everyone! Minecraft 1.13.1 added this feature:

Added a concept of force-loaded chunks to the game, and a command (/forceload) to toggle force-loading on and off

So now you don”t need to keep your mob farms and such near spawn just to keep them loaded, and maybe the fancy mechanism that animates the light in your lighthouse will work reliably even for players with insane draw distances, too.

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Caveat: according to the wiki, plants don”t grow just because a chunk is loaded; they have to be within some distance: the render distance in single-player, and some server parameter in multiplayer. According to this answer, that parameter is called view-distance.


You can build a chunk loader. But keep in mind that they are abusing bugs that could get fixed in the future and that they will increase lag.

This design works without connecting it to the spawn chunks, but you have to load it manually again after every restart of Minecraft.

This design requires to be connected to the spawn chunks, but it gets automatically loaded when you join the world.


One good option available for you is to log on to the single player world. in that, pressing escape key will show you to select “open to lan”. After that you will get chat message that server was hosted in Port ####.

Now login to mine craft from another account. Join the world with your pc”s ip:Port number. And after logging in let the other profile do afk session near the iron farm


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