We”re skipping straight to steps because if I went through all the equipment needed it would take a while.

Đang xem: How to make a bathroom in minecraft pe

1) Make a starter for the walls I made it 10×10 with wood and snow blocks



4) Then I started with the whole bathroom idea, a bath who has a bathroom without a bath it”s even in the name of it! I used some slabs for the bottom and stairs around it to get up also some iron bars on the edge so I don”t slip while getting in or out and some carpet around to dry off my feet and most importantly needed a water bucket for the water


5) Now we move on to our toilet. Every single bathroom has a toilet because we just gotta go, I used upside down Quartz stairs to make the bottom of the toilet and a pillar of Quartz to make the top part also I used a iron trapdoor to make the toilet seat and I put a carpet in front of it so our feet won”t get cold.

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6) Now we move on to our sink. We must always wash our hands after going to the bathroom, I don”t wanna get sick with those germs. I made the mirror there beside it so you see how fabulous you are. I used stone slabs for the counter and a picture of a person because it looked like you in the mirror but you are 10x as fabulous. For the sink I used a stone slab to make the bottom of the sink and I put one adjacent to it to keep the water in and then I placed a tripwire hook on top of the slab under because it looks like a sink tap and then I placed water in it.

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8) For the roof I made it like a simple house roof also I”m not good at making cool roofs :confused:

9) On the inside I put some glowstone on fences to look like cool lights. I don”t wanna take a bath in the dark.

10) I forgot to add something! The button on the toilet for it to flush!! Always add it or expect people to go in a dirty toilet yuck

:confetti_ball: RESULTS :confetti_ball:

It should always turn out nice and bootyful so everyone will use your magnificent bathroom and ask you “How did you make that?” Remember to like these blogs for more

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