How To Make A Boat Go Uphill In Minecraft, Going Uphill In A Boat – As both an item and vehicle entity in Minecraft, a boat takes an important role as one of transportation means. A boat will take you further and faster instead of merely walking around to traverse the Minecraft world. This is especially true if you find a large body of water you want to explore since it can be used to travel safely through water.

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What’s good about this vehicle entity is that collisions won’t damage a boat. Riding a boat also does not deplete hunger, making it an efficient way for you to travel without getting worried about your stamina. Moreover, a boat can support two riders, including mobs.

To obtain a boat, you can repeatedly attack the ones you find until they drop as an item. Tools and weapons with damage above 4 can instantly destroy a boat in one swipe.

If you can’t find any and are eager to make one by yourself, then this article is all yours! You’ll learn how to make a boat in Minecraft: from one with a basic shape to building the other ones which are more advanced and possess various functionalities.

1. How to make a boat in Minecraft

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Before creating more advanced types of boats, you need to know how to make a boat in Minecraft from scratch first. Make a simple oak boat with double paddles on both sides by prepping 5 oak planks (and a wooden shovel. It works for all versions such as Minecraft PE, Windows 10, Xbox, PS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch and Education Edition).

Follow the steps below to learn how:

Step 1. Open the crafting table and put the planks into the boxes available.

Step 2. Make sure you put them orderly. There should be 2 oak wood planks placed in the first row at either side (the middle box should be left empty) and 3 oak wood planks placed in the second row.

Step 3. If you are making an oak boat for Minecraft PE, Windows 10, Xbox, PS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Education Edition, you need to add one additional item which is a wooden shovel that goes in the middle box in the first row.

Step 4. You’ve finished creating an oak boat. Don’t forget to move your boat to the inventory.

2. How to make a boat go uphill in Minecraft – Photo by

Boats move according to the player”s control or water currents. It’s also important to note that a boat does not turn with mouse-look, meaning you have to gain control over your vehicle. Why don’t we try something new and learn how to make a boat in Minecraft which will go up against the current instead!

Actually, it’s not a big deal to make your boat go uphill. Just create whichever oak boat that you want and place a Soul Sand block underwater. Placing soul sand under source water blocks creates a lifting bubble column, which causes items, players, and mobs inside the column to rise to the surface.

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It means that this item will push boats upwards, enabling you to go uphill even though it wasn’t doable at first. You can mine Soul Sand blocks in the Nether.

3. How to make a speed boat in Minecraft – Photo by

Now we’re going to learn another trick on how to make a boat in Minecraft: building a speed boat! This may not be as simple as making an oak boat, but everything is worth trying!

Step 1. First, make the boat triangle-shaped. Make sure you make a cone shape on the top or else you”ll mess up.

Step 2. Break any ground surface on the bottom of it then replace it with Quartz or Polished Andesite.

Step 3. Make a steering room so when you put the seats/stairs you leave a place open for a fence gate and put some slabs.

Step 4. Make storage on both sides. Make a fence gate no door for entrance.

Step 5. Make a peddle on the back. Your speed boat is finished!

4. How to make a boat dock in Minecraft – Photo by

Once you’ve learned how to make a boat in Minecraft, now perhaps you start to think about a boat dock as well. Building a boat dock, depending on the construction, is actually easy. Here’s how to make the simple one:

Step 1. Prepare the items: 6 wooden planks, 2 wooden half steps, a pickaxe, and/or shovel (handy in case of mistakes).

Step 2. Find the lake you want to build your dock on.

Step 3. Place your wooden planks in a “C” shape.

Step 4. Now place the wooden half steps in the gap.

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Step 5. Your dock is done! Pull your boat up onto the wooden half steps to dock it.

Instead of a simple boat, you can even make your own pirate ship and other gigantic, superb watercraft! But, learning how to make a boat in Minecraft from the basics is a good start for you, so good luck!

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