Alright, I”ve searched the forum and, much to my dismay, I found that there was not a single thread dedicated to BUD switches.So here”s how it works: You guyz post cool pics of BUD switches and explanations, and then I stick em up in here. Easy, right? Also, I would like to encourage general discussion of BUD switches as well.

Đang xem: How to make a bud switch in minecraft

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Properties of BUD switches, unique uses, methods of setting them off, etc, are all welcome for discussion.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++============================================= ~BUDs~=============================================The PED switch.BUD science thread.Minecraft-wiki BUD tutorial page (please add items from this compendium if you have time).D-Flip Flop 6x4x12 Different Minecraft Bud Processor Array”sUnderground BUD switchOne-way BUD switchCompact and efficient self resetting BUD & RS clock.Water & lava as BUDs. (while redstone is noted in the thread, it works as a BUD).Vertical Bud/T flip-flopHighly compacted self-resetting BUD using a boat.Not-so-compact BUD design. (might be good for sumthin”)Simple self-resetting BUDFarmland Latch.2x1x1 BUD using stuck redstone dust.A particularly interesting repeater BUD with multiple inputs.Here”s a strange vertical BUD, using a minecart and detector rail.Unique, infinite use underground BUD (can be made into T-BUD).=============================================~BUD applications~=============================================Automatic Bonemeal-to-Wheat Factory (and tree farm).BUD activated piston double door.Automatically resetting BUD furnace trap.One-wide light sensorInstant sponge wire!Another video for the instant sponge wire!Automatic Ice maker.Sponge key3x8x4 Jeb doorCompact Light Sensors, 1x/7x/14x SensitivityAnother wireless sponge tutorial.BUD switch as an edge detector.Combination Lock Hoe Activated DoorAutomatic sugar cane farmNether wart growth detector=============================================~BUD activators~=============================================Doors, trapdoors, and fencegatesRedstone ore blocksFurnacesWater changing to iceAnything that grows (tall grass, melons, etc)Dirt to farmland and vice-versaFarmland made moistSponges (wireless 5×5 area!)Redstone signal changesMushroomsAny block placed or destroyedGrass when grownBeds (when used)Leaf decaySetting the delay on a repeaterRails changing directionIgnition/extinguishing of firesMovement of blocks by pistonsPiston movementChanging flow of water/lavaEyes of ender when placed in a portal blockIgnition of TNTJukeboxes being turned on/offSand/gravel falling down and landing next to it.Cake!!!!Brewing stands, when bottles are added or removed.

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