how to make a cabinet in minecraft

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Minecraft doesn”t have all of the things we see in real life. But, if you can”t download the More Mods, what can you do? Your house needs a little spice of improvement and you think a kitchen will do the trick. This explains how to make a kitchen in Minecraft without using a mod.

Look for some inspiration.

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Before you start designing, you need to decide what you want to design. Check out YouTube videos of other Minecraft kitchen designs and showroom photos of actual kitchens. This will give you an idea of what type of floors, countertops, and colors you want to add.

Think of what materials you want in order to construct the kitchen. Decide what material you want to make your floors and counters out of. You”ll most likely need lots of wood. You need to make buttons, trap doors, some colored wool, etc. Consider switching to Creative Mode. In Creative Mode, you won”t earn any achievements or trophies, but you”ll have all the resources you need already in the crafting menu. You won”t have to gather materials or worry about dying and losing everything you”ve gathered.

Gather wood from the trees. You”ll need lots of wood. Wood is used to make everything from the floors, counters, shelves, tables, and chairs. You”ll also need trapdoors and pressure plates which can be used to craft stovetops, tabletops, and the sides of chairs. Keep in mind that different types of trees produce different color wood. Oak and Birch trees produce lighter color wood. Dark oak and spruce have a darker color. Jungle wood and acacia have a reddish tent to it.

Craft wooden planks.

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You don”t need a crafting table to craft wooden planks. Just have wood in your inventory, open your crafting menu and select wooden planks. You may also want to craft a few sticks, and then craft wooden fence posts using a crafting table. Fence posts can be used as table legs, and hanging light fixtures. Consider crafting steps from wood planks. Steps can be used as chairs, or as counters and tables when placed upside-down. You can craft steps using 6 wooden plank blocks using a crafting table.

Mine cobblestone. Cobblestone is mined from stone using a pickaxe. Stone can be found underground and alongside mountains.

Craft stone. Stone can be used to make buttons as well as for countertops and floors. Use the following steps to craft stone: Craft a crafting table from the wooden planks you made. Craft a furnace using the crafting table and 8 pieces of cobblestone. Place the furnace and open it. Place cobblestone in the space above the icon that resembles a flame. Place place fuel in the space below the icon that resembles a flame. You can use coal, charcoal, wood, or wooden planks. Wait for the cobblestone to finish cooking and gather your stone from the furnace.

Get wool from sheep.

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Wool can be used to craft stoves, microwaves, floors, and countertops. It is gathered from sheep. The sheep can be white, black, or gray. You can gather wool from sheep using sheers, or by killing them. If you can”t find black, or gray sheep, find squid. Squid live in water. Kill the squid and see if the squid dropped some ink. Once you have some ink, head back to the crafting table, put one white wool in the middle slot of the bottom row, then place the ink on top of it. If you can”t get gray wool, put the black wool in the same bottom spot, and put bonemeal on top. Then gather the black wool.

Gather optional materials. Minecraft has lots of materials that can be used to craft a good looking kitchen. And they”re always adding new materials. Below is a list of some items you may want to add to your kitchen and where you can find them: Iron: Iron can be used to craft buttons, cauldrons (for a sink), buckets, and steel doors. Iron ore is mined in caves using a stone pickaxe and then smelted into Iron bars using a furnace. Sand: Sand is found in and alongside rivers and lakes and mined using a shovel. It can be used to craft sandstone, which can be used for counters and floors. It can also be smelted in a furnace to create glass, which can be used for windows. Granite: Granite is a reddish stone found in caves. It can be mined with a pickaxe. You can use a crafting table to craft polished granite from 4 granite blocks. Clay: Clay can be found by mining clay blocks using a shovel in rivers and lakes. It can be used to craft clay blocks and bricks which make great walls and counters. Nether Quartz Block: Nether quartz blocks can be crafted from nether quartz. You get nether quartz by smelting a nether quartz block mined in the nether in a furnace. You can then craft four nether quartz into a nether quartz block using a crafting table. Plants: For some added decoration, consider adding some flowers or plants to your kitchen.

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