How To Make A Clone Of Yourself In Minecraft, How To Use The Clone Command In Minecraft

This Update Should Be In The Game So You Could Clone Your Self! You Can Give Your Clone Any Item And Weapon! Vote This PLEASE (Command: /ent_create clone {skin: }


There are no “player” entities in the game.This command could only be implemented by faking real players or adding a completely new entity to the game, a lot of effort for something that you don”t specify the purpouse of.It would be great if you could give some use-cases showing why this could aprove the game.

Đang xem: How to make a clone of yourself in minecraft

That would so cool, like if your friend wasn”t playing you could use a clone for maps or something

Ex: /ent_create clone {skin:Friend} and now someone with the username: “Friend” is now summoned. This should be in, I”ve been wanting to do this for awhile instead of using armor stands and heads.

Maybe the command could be: /ent_create clone {skin:Friend,NoAI:1}, now the clone can”t move and can be used for maps instead of armor_stands with someone”s skull, you now have the whole body.

Awesome idea! This would be a great addition. Although it’s a little different from my idea of the clone command, it’s still an awesome concept.

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this does not really fit the fell and does not make any sense, but maybe a new entity that could pull player skins for its texture, like player heads

Cool idea, but I like the idea of setting an NBT tag on an armor stand to do this, just like with player heads.

Perfect Idea I’m totally voting this person that would be so COOL TO HAVE ANOTHER ME I LOVE THIS SUGGESTION!!!

It would be nice to have a army of Skath21’s

Most likely mojang would never add somthing like this but it would be uesfull for my minie zombie game if the clone was to attack other monster & not players

also great for map creators who want to put a statue of themselves to claim that they made the map. Or if you want to claim apiece of land for yourself you could just put a copy of yourself there instead of a sign.!

This sounds like it would serve no purpose in vanilla Either use an addon or use armor stands.

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I really like this idea, maybe there could also be a Steve mob and if you name it a player that has entered your world, you have a clone, or do /summon steve ~ ~ ~

Yo this idea is sick I hope it gets added, wish you would give more info though . maybe give the clone anything such as weapons, tools and armor, have it do specific things like mine, hunt , chop trees etc, have a unlimited amount, have it guard bases or fight you in combat maybe have specific clones fight each other , dang this would have a lot of uses

ever heard of scope creep? That”s what this sounds like. This is something that should be reserved for other projects, e.g. code mods

in fact, something like this already existed at one point: Sync by iChun. The line of reasoning that leads to suggestions like this being highly rated is beyond me. No vote.

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