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The small wooden house is one of the easiest builds in Minecraft. However, not every home will be completely identical. In this article, players will get a blueprint for building a small wooden house, and they can add their own spice and personality to it.

To survive the dangerous first night of Minecraft, one of the most straightforward solutions is to build a wooden house that will protect against the deadly hostile mobs. This needs to be done before the night falls, or gamers will have some uninvited guests in their incomplete house.

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How to build a small wooden house in Minecraft easily

Wooden building fundamentals

A simple wooden house (Image via TSMC - Minecraft on YouTube)

This tutorial will provide some basic building techniques that will allow for a simple but nice-looking wooden house.

The image above shows that the house utilizes a few different blocks, such as spruce and birch wood, excellent use of block variation.

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Block variation can be explained as using multiple types of blocks with extra detail for a build. It is unnecessary to build a functional house. However, users should use stairs, panes, and slabs if they have a few spare minutes. The house above utilizes wooden stairs to create the roof of the house.

Those who have surpassed their first night are also highly recommended to add some greenery (bushes with leaves, flowers) which adds tons of personality and detail to the house.

Players building for their first night should only make a simple box house with a door. It will provide sufficient protection against the creepy crawlers of the night. This is the quickest way to build a wooden house, though the trade-off is that it will look quite ugly.

Simplicity is Key

This Minecraft home uses fences to create a simple patio (Image via planetminecraft)

Gamers not fond of building in Minecraft will likely want to create the simplest base possible. Luckily, it is easy to build a simple yet aesthetically pleasing wooden base.

The image above showcases some easy techniques that all Minecraft players can apply to their wooden houses. The home above utilizes fences to create a simple patio. Players can look out into the darkness from the safety of their patio since it is supported by fence posts.

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While not completely necessary, players are recommended to add glass or glass panes to their wooden house so that it is not so depressing to be inside.

The YouTube video above provides a tutorial on how to build a compact wooden house.

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