Because the top floor and roof are made from half slabs and stairs (transparent blocks), it means that during day the sunlight passes right through to give it an even better light!

Đang xem: How to make a cottage in minecraft

I will be doing this tutorial in layers, if you like it that way then say so, the same for if you dont… Enjoy!

The 1st layer is flush with the ground


2nd layer, the furthest door is NOT placed in the corner block, you stand in the corner block to place it

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3rd layer continue the wall, fencepost and place the windows and torches


4rth layer Build up the wall, staircase and add a hood for the furnaces

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5th layer, border the wall with logs, add a HALF SLAB floor and begin the roof with steps


6th layer, add more to the roof, begin the side windows and start building the frame of the front window

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