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Creepers are an absolute nightmare for Minecraft players. While building something in Minecraft, the last thing players would want is a creeper sneaking and destroying the build.

Even though creepers are terrifying, they are one of the best sources of gunpowder in Minecraft. However, killing creepers manually can be a slow process. Players can build a creeper farm to get loads of gunpowders.

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This article is a step-by-step guide on building a simple creeper farm in Minecraft.

Build a creeper farm in Minecraft

Here are the items needed to build a creeper farm in Minecraft. Make sure to have these items ready before starting to build the farm.

  • Two hoppers
  • Two chest
  • Lots of trapdoors
  • Lots of building blocks
  • Two cats
  • Lava bucket
  • four signs
  • 12 carpets

Step 1: Make a 3×2 pit

.Dig pit (Image via Minecraft)

The first step is to create a pit of three blocks long and two blocks wide. This farm can be built on any biome in the overworld, except mushroom biomes.

After creating the pit, make a 2x2x2 wall of solid blocks on both sides of the pit, as shown in the image.

Step 2: Build the structure for the farm

Farm design (Image via Minecraft)

The next step is to place three blocks diagonally on both sides of the pillars, as shown in the above image. After placing the last block, extend it to make a line of five blocks on both sides.

Join sides (Image via Minecraft)

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Finally, join both sides using blocks, as shown in the image. Repeat the same step on the other side of the farm.

Increase height (Image via Minecraft)

Increase the height of blocks by one block.

Step 3: Build a ceiling of trap doors

The ceiling of trapdoors (Image via Minecraft)

This farm requires a lot of trapdoors as its entire ceiling is made of trap doors. This is done to prevent mobs such as zombies or skeletons from spawning. As creepers are scared of cats, players can use them to force creepers into a death chamber.

Trapdoors for cats (Image via Minecraft)

Place a trap door in the center of the wall, as shown in the image. Do this for both sides. After this, place trap doors on the top edge of the blocks and build a roof.

Step 4: Add cats

Bring cats (Image via Minecraft)

Now it's time to add cats to scare the creepers away. Players can tame cats using cod or salmon. After taming, take them to the roof of the farm and nudge them over the trap door, as shown in the image. Do this for both sides, and remember to make them sit.

Step 5: Build the roof of the farm

Build roof (Image via Minecraft)

Since light can pass through trap doors, players have to cover the roof of the farm using any solid blocks. After building the top, confirm that there is no light inside the farm.

Step 6: Place carpets and trap doors on the pit

Put carpets (Image via Minecraft)

The next step is to place carpets on both in the exact pattern, as shown in the image. Make sure the distance between each carpet from the other is two blocks.

Place trap doors (Image via Minecraft)

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Now, place three trap doors on both sides of the pit and switch them down. Creepers think of trap doors as a complete block. While escaping from them, they will fall into the trap.

Step 7: Build collection system

Water pathway (Image via Minecraft)

Create a water pathway leading to hoppers connected to a double chest. Make sure the path is long, as shown in the image.

Place signs (Image via Minecraft)
lava trap (Image via Minecraft)

At the end of the pathway, create a lava trap to kill the creepers. Players can use signs to hold lava above. Creeper's head will go into the lava and die. The gunpowder dropped by creepers will get collected in the chest.

Step 8: Farming creepers

Creepers dying (Image via Minecraft)

After building the collection system, the farm will be ready. This farm works best when the player is 120 blocks above the chest. It is because of all the caves and other unlit areas. If there are already mobs taking up space, the farm won't spawn creepers.

Players can use scaffolding to reach tall heights in Minecraft. Players can also add more stacks on top of this farm to increase the spawn rate of creepers.

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