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DanTDM in a flower crown and a
sundress! hey guys and welcome back to my channel MinecraftLOL if you are new here don't forget to subscribe! Today
we're at this website is awesome
if you want to choose a minecraft skin come here you can either choose a
pre-designed skin or you can even make your own skin and there's hundreds and
hundreds and hundreds to choose from.

Now today I'm not here just to choose any
old skin, I'm here to search my favourite youtuber skin DanTDM so if we go to
the skins box at the top and type in DanTDM
press enter and then see what skins come up oh my goodness there are hundreds
look at these Wow Nintendo joy con minecraft creeper,
DanTDM mask, DanTDM in a tuxedo, DanTDM in dab police shirt,
brilliant, dantdm in a jumpsuit, there's absolutely loads so many to choose from
you you really be spoiled for choice.

Dan TDM if he liked green- probably my
favourite one so far, DanTDM girl so if you're a girl you want to be DanTDM no
problem, there are loads of skins that are fangirls.
DanTDM duck- now if you play Quacktopia, then this would be an
ideal skin for Quacktopia perfect if your're a DanTDM fan… so what else do we have DanTDM
in a flower crown and a sundress! maybe it's quite hot
I've not seen DanTDM in that particular one, I think we'll choose DanTDM in his recent skin which has got Peppa Pig on the front- if you don't know
his son watches Peppa Pig so I think this is his most recent skin.

Over on the
side you have a pencil so you can draw on to the squares and an eraser if you
make a mistake and a colour picker so you can choose the colors. Now you can choose
different segments of the body to work on and over here you have the color
wheel so you can choose all your favourite colors, there's an outer layer
and a body layer so you can work with two different layers and today I'm just
gonna fill in this t-shirt a nice kind of dark blue color just to show you how
to do it check out the outer layer with his glasses and oh! we need to do his
hair – I like Dan's hair when it was blue so let's colour it in blue, remember to
choose some different shades to make it look more realistic. I'm gonna go to with
three different shades of blue I think. There we go now that looks really nice
now you must remember to do each side of the block
don't just do the front there's all the different sides to do, so don't make
this mistake of not colouring in the inside of the blocks because when he
walks you'll see that the inside of the body in the arms might be a different
colour so fill in all those blocks.

Now there's other people you can search for too-
LDShadowlady she's a really cool YouTuber she has loads of different skins
to choose from too and then the Smallish Beans so many different people you can
search for on here and either edit their skins or create your own. Here's a
DanTDM skin I created earlier, I haven't quite finished his hair so let's put
some more blue hair in here I made him with this heart t-shirt on
which I thought looked really super cute. now you need to save it so just simply
download your image as a PNG head over to Minecraft now under here click on skins
this is my current skin aren't I cute! but I'm going to add the new skin and add
my DanTDM skin so go to browse find the PNG file oh no DAN sorry
I have squished him sorry Dan! oh phew! you can choose slim or classic remember
if you've got a slim skin and you choose classic you might see some black banding
on the image so make sure you've chosen the right size.

Save the name of your new
skin and then click Save and use now We're going to go to play and we're going
to my realm and see how it looks I couldn't wait to see this, this is the
best part! There I am look at me! I really hope you enjoyed this video and I really hope you comment and
leave some likes and try out your own skins hope see you soon thanks for
watching and don't forget to subscribe BYE!.

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