how to make a fridge in minecraft

How to make a fridge in Minecraft

You built your shelter in Minecraft And now you are furnishing all the internal rooms, to make it more comfortable. The first room you decide to furnish is the kitchen, and you would love to furnish it starting with the refrigerator. Unfortunately, however, it doesn”t seem possible to make one and you are looking for a solution to solve this problem.

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If this is indeed the case, you will be happy to know that, in today”s guide, I will explain it to you in great detail. how to make a fridge in minecraft. Going into more detail, I will explain what resources you will need to carry out this project and what procedures you will need to follow to be successful. Also, I will explain how to create a real refrigerator simply by using a suitable mod.

With that said, I”d say it”s time to start reading this guide of mine. Sit comfortably and carefully consult all the suggestions that I propose. If you”re ready, I”d tell you to get started right away. All I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have a good time!

How to build a fridge in Minecraft Produce the necessary resources Create a fridge in Minecraft Mod to make a fridge in Minecraft


1 How to build a fridge in Minecraft1.1 Produce the necessary resources1.2 Create a fridge in Minecraft2 Mod to make a fridge in Minecraft

How to build a fridge in Minecraft

If you are wondering how to make the fridge in minecraftIn the next chapters I will explain in detail how to build this object within your shelter.

Produce the necessary resources

In order to build a fridge in minecraftIt is important that you first gather all the necessary resources. The project that I will illustrate in the following paragraphs consists of creating an instrument that most likely resembles a real refrigerator and that, at the same time, can cram the objects that you will put inside.

First, you will need at least 2 distribution units. This item allows you to keep cluttered items indoors and at the same time deliver them outdoors, if activated. To build one, you need to place it on a workbench. 7 units of Crushed Stone, 1 arc unit mi 1 unit of Redstone Dust.

You can find Redstone Dust simply by digging underground and interacting with a pickaxe on a Rough red stone block. Then you will have to work the material that you will introduce in an oven, to obtain the powder mentioned above. the Crushed instead, you can collect it by digging the Rock.

As for the bow Finally, you will have to make it on a workbench. As? Combinatorial 3 personnel units mi 3 pieces of cord. While to get the Palo you just have to use 2 units of Wood Planks ; The curl You can find it mainly by defeating spiders or breaking cobwebs.

Once done, you need to build one Iron door. In that sense, you need them 6 units of iron ingots, which can be obtained by adding Crude iron in an oven. HE Iron ingots, then, you will have to insert them in a workbench, to obtain the Iron door.

Finally, you need to get one Thomas and Red stone dust. I have already discussed the latter in the previous paragraphs, while the Thomas you can do it on a workbench, adding 1 staff unit mi 1 unit of crushed stone.

Create a fridge in Minecraft

The first thing you should do to build a fridge in minecraft is to identify where it should be placed. In this regard, I advise you that an area would be appropriate × 2 2, which will contain both the refrigerator and the mechanism to operate it.

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To continue, first place your avatar with your back to the wall and, leaving a block away, place the Iron door. It is important to install the door in this manner, as depending on the orientation of the opening, it may be difficult to continue with the procedures in the following paragraphs.

Now, place the two dispensatori, which will serve to contain the resources that you will place inside the refrigerator, between the door and the wall. I recommend that you keep the faces of the dispensers facing the door and not against the wall.

Along with the dispensing blocks, add a block of any material: choose one that is white or that fits into the walls or decorations of your shelter. You just have to add a few Red stone dust on the block in question and the Thomas on its obverse.

To stock the refrigerator, interact in the dispensatori and drag items from your inventory to the corresponding slots. Once this is done, all you have to do is press the lever to activate the operating mechanism: the door will open and the dispensers will launch a unit of the resources contained in them directly on the avatar.

Mod to make a fridge in Minecraft

If you want to build a real fridge in Minecraft, all you have to do is use the modification. Don”t you know what they are? They are add-ons that you can install in the Minecraft client, in order to allow the use of new functions created by other users, otherwise not available in this video game.

However, to install mods in Minecraft, you need the plugin minecraft forge, which allows the implementation of mods in an easy and fast way: I will talk about it, however, better in the next lines. Meanwhile, continue with the installation minecraft forge.

Go to the official website of Minecraft forge and press the button Installer, to download the archive .JAR From the program. Then double click on it, to start it with Java, and press the button Okay, to complete the procedure.

At this point, what you need to do is download MrCrayfish furniture mod – A mod that allows you to add many decorations for your shelter to Minecraft, like a refrigerator. With that said, head over to the official website for this mod and click on the Minecraft Forge compatible version.

After .JAR file mod will be downloaded, move it to the folder modification, what do you find along the way C: Users AppData Roaming .minecraft. Can”t find the folder in question? Don”t worry, you can create it very well manually by following the instructions in my dedicated guide to the topic.

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Well: we are almost there! A few more steps and you have completed the Minecraft setup to use the mod you just installed. Therefore begin Minecraft and click on the icon , located next to the button Theater plays. From the options you see, choose your profile Forge and then click on Theater plays.

When joining a game in mode Creative, you will find in your inventory a new tab, called MrCrayfish furniture mod : just scroll through the list and find the object Fridge (In the most updated versions, the object is called Cooler ), to get your fridge. Easier than that?

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