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This is a tutorial on how to get an OP sword. An OP sword has the following enchants:1. Sharpness 52. Knockback 23. Fire Aspect 24. Unbreaking 3A “God” sword is any sword that uses MCedit or another plugin to gain enchantments higher than those (traditionally only server owners/admins will be able to create God swords).To get the maximum use of a sword you”re going to need these things.1. Two enchantment tables.2. Cow farm/factory3. Iron farm/econ plugin that sells iron4. Exp system/grinder5. Sugarcane farmNow, the first thing you need is a mob spawner for the exp system. Once that”s established, you need to find 2+ cows/mooshrooms (if you are in the nether and have a gold farm horses are another option). Once you have the cows/mooshrooms you have an infinite supply of steaks and leather. Breed them constantly.Step two is to build a sugarcane farm. This should be the easiest part of our tutorial.The next stage of development towards an OP sword is to set up your enchanting tables. One needs to be placed with 15 bookshelves around it with an open space between the table and the bookshelves. The SECOND table needs to be far enough away that the bookshelves cannot interact with it.After this you need a constant supply of anvils. You will burn through them remarkably quickly so don”t hold back on stockpiling iron from whatever source you can.Using the cow/mooshroom and sugarcane farm, begin mass producing books.

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You will then use the mob system to enchant each and every book level one. Yes, level one. As in lvl 1, Level uno. To enchant books to level one, use the enchantment table that has NO BOOKSHELVES around it. This gives you Sharpness 1, Protection 1, Power 1, Aqua Affinity 1, and Efficiency 1. You will combine the Sharpness one books until you have a sharpness 5 book (only two books with the same level of enchantment may be combined to receive a higher level enchantment. I.E. Sharp 1 + Sharp 1 = Sharp 2)Once you have Sharpness 5, you”ll need Knockback 2, Fire Aspect 2, and Unbreaking 3. Now this will be more annoying and take up alot more of your time. Using the MAXED OUT enchantment table, enchant each and every book to the lowest possible level. This will allow for all standard enchants (no fortune, no silk touch, no infinity) to be received.Now, after investing ALL this time you need to combine all your books with your sword. Place the sword in the FIRST slot in the anvil and the book (I.E. Sharpness 5) in the second slot. An enchanted sword will appear in the third slot with a number underneath. That number is the number of exp levels required to combine them. Repeat process until your sword has all the enchants listed above.Naming an OP sword will always cost 39 levels. This is the maximum number of levels you are able to invest in any item without creative mode.Any questions?

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Balance is the key. You need some time away and we understand that. But once that”s done? We”ll meet you on any server (yes, even factions) with a sword in one hand, and a pickaxe in the other.

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