✔ Minecraft: How To Make A Jumpscare In Minecraft !, ✔ Minecraft: How To Make A Jump Scare Grave

​STEP ONE: This /summon command is used to summon the invisible armor stand. These armor stands will determine where jumpscares will occur.

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The first command (the one at the bottom) gives a slowness effect to all players that are in a radius of 20 blocks from the specified coordinates. Remember that your coordinates will not be the same as my coordinates.

The second command produces the scary sound when a player gets close to the armor stand previously summoned.

“r=4” indicates the radius of blocks around the armor stand in which the player needs to be for the sound to be produced.

“m=0” specifies that the sound will be played only if the player close to the armor stand is in gamemode 0 (survival mode). This selector can be also used in all other commands that involve “
p”, “
a”, etc. and the number specified after “m=” indicates the number of the gamemode in which the player needs to be in order for the command to be executed.

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To target a player in spectator mode (gamemode 3), you need to write m=3 etc. etc.

The third command is similar to the second: it is executed only when a player in survival mode gets close to the invisible armor stand named “JUMPSCARE”. This time a blindness effect is given to the player.

​▶ The fourth command block kills all armor stands that are 4 blocks close to a player in survival mode. Because the command block is set to “conditional”, the armor stand will be removed only if the previous command was successfully executed. This makes sure that armor stands are removed only after a jumpscare occurred.

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e ~ ~ ~ effect
a blindness 2 0 true


a<-1845,55,149,r=20,m=0> slowness 1 2 true

a ~ ~ ~ kill

This small command modification allows you to make working custom beds!

Make sure to follow the steps.

/summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:”JUMPSCARE”,Marker:1b,Invisible:1,NoGravity:1}

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