Tutorial: How To Make A Lava Cast In Minecraft, Tutorial: How To Build A Lava Cast In Minecraft

I see references in youtube videos to “lava casts” which seem to be large, quick-to-build, wedge-shaped structures made of cobblestone, often used for griefing on anarchy servers. I can”t find a good reference to what they are or how they are built. Can anyone elaborate?



From what I can tell from experimenting and searching.

Đang xem: How to make a lava cast in minecraft

You need a bucket of water, a bucket of lava and some basic blocks (e.g. cobblestone).

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Build a staircase structure out of your blocks, and use your lava bucket to place a lava source block on top of it, the lava will cascade down the structure and over the sides producing a wedge-shaped structure of lava. Make sure you are standing in a safe place when you do this!

Then use your now empty bucket to remove the lava source block (lava is valuable!) and replace it with a water source block, the water will cascade down the structure turning the lava to cobblestone as it goes.


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