How To Make A Minecraft Enderman Costume, Papercraft Life Size Enderman Head

How to make a Minecraft Enderman head (with bonus diamond block trick-or-treatbasket)

October 21, 2016 by Jennifer Lori3 Comments

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Update: This tutorial is now also available as a downloadable PDF here. More details at bottom of this post.

Some of you may, like me, be suddenly realizing there are only ten days left until Halloween. No stress – there's still plenty of time to make a Minecraft Enderman costume, complete with a matching diamond block trick-or-treat basket!

For Halloween last year Jakob wanted to be a Minecraft Enderman. For reference, these are the tall, spindly black figures who appear out of nowhere to steal your blocks. They're neutral mobs who can teleport and will only attack when provoked by looking them in the eyes (which, to be honest, is kind of hard to avoid, seeing as how they're the most vivid part of the things!).

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In the game Enderman can't actually pick up diamond blocks, but that's what Jakob wanted anyways. To be an Enderman carrying a diamond block.

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I was fresh off my “Skylanders Sprocket wrench pulling double-duty as secret purse” achievement so I thought if he's gonna be schlepping a box around anyways… why not make it useful and turn it into his trick-or-treat basket? So that's what I did.

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