How To Make A Mortar In Minecraft !, Tutorials/Tnt Cannons

Maybe I make the most cheapest, compact and OP cannon / mortar for raiding on Minecraft?. 200 block distance. with 4 dispenser and 5 tnt

Đang xem: How to make a mortar in minecraft


While I was on my house I could see people using basic cannons for raiding on factions, but they had low range. I was looking for OP and cheap cannons on youtube or google and I couldn't fine anyone. So I would like to share this new cannon/mortar. You can administrate the range, the distance and the impulse with dispensers and a lever, I mean:

You can manage the width with lever on and no slabs = mortar

You can manage the range with lever off and 2 slabs = direct cannon

You can manage the impulse with the dispensers = long attack or short attack

Short range: 5 blocks Long range: 200 blocks

and cheaper

Medium Range, good mortar/cannon and tiny: 2 dispensers, 3 tnts => 5 to 100 block distance Long range and catapult: 4 dispensers 5 tnts => 5 tnt to 200 block distance

piston,repeater = optional


pd: I cant edit my title sry for my grammar

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